Canon EOS 800D Review 2017

Canon’s new DSLR is positioned at the entry level, but with the features, it gets from the upper-end machines, it is troubling its guys. Drawing attention with its image quality and fast autofocus ability, the EOS 800D is one of the most successful examples of entry-level cameras.

Canon EOS 800D Review 2017 1

Canon comes with features to meet the expectations of amateurs who are starting to make photo shoots with the latest EOS 800D camera. Apart from entry-level users who are just beginning to learn the basics of photography, the EOS 800D is a machine that mid-segment users will also consider purchasing, revealing the difference with its fast autofocus system from the older EOS 77D. The EOS 800D, the world’s fastest detecting machine, focuses on 0.03 seconds. Let’s say that this is 0.05 seconds on the A6500, which multiplies by the fast-setting performance of Sony.

When compared to the EOS 760D, the machine with the same size measurements is lighter than its predecessor. The EOS 800D is not as light as a portable camera, but not as heavy as a professional DSLR. When we take our hand, we get as good a professional machine as possible on the top right of the machine allows you to set the shooting mode and shooting ring mode, this ring beside ISO, screen, autofocus selection keys for the selection is located. In the handle part of the machine, there is a shutter button and a shutter button.

On the right side of the EOS 800D, where the SD card slot is located, the micro USB and miniHDMI are on the left side. For situations where the light is insufficient, the built-in flash can also be fitted with external flashes via the hot shoe housing. When we look at the back of the machine, there is a moving screen, except for the classic controls. This screen, which makes Selfie shooting easier, protects against scratches.

One of the most eye-catching features of the Canon EOS 800D is its fast auto focus capability. The machine that used the Dual Pixel auto-focus system that we saw in Canon’s high-end DSLR machines, succeeded in winning our appreciation. Let’s say that the autofocus system can make very fast and accurate detection especially on the machine we have tested on fast scenes. We also had the opportunity to test the EOS 800D with a 50mm F / 1.8 lens that Canon sent to us. This lens is a very compact size and it has a wide aperture so it can shoot faster.

As with the Canon EOS 760D, the Canon EOS 800D does not include the 4K video feature unfortunately. Instead, the machine now features Full HD video, which is now standard in video format. The EOS 800, which has been performing well in terms of video capture, supports MPEG-4 and H.264 video formats. One of the noteworthy innovations in Canon’s new machine is the graphical user interface. The newly designed user-friendly and simple graphical interface makes it easy to use the camera. Check out a sample image that was shot with this camera. Click on the image to see full size.



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