Canon IXUS 265 Review 2017

Canon IXUS 265; compact, stylish and handy, it can also be a model that you can easily carry with you every day with 12x optical zoom and Wi-Fi support. We think that you can still be preferred by users who claim that photographs are taken with a camera, not a mobile phone. Ian’s IXUS 265 is ideal for everyday use.

Canon IXUS 265 Review 2017 2 Canon IXUS 265 Review 2017

Smartphone models have greatly reduced the use of compact cameras. Every day, with lenses that have higher qualities, they come face to face, as well as hybrid pockets that change form. These are the best examples we can think of as Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom. However, compact cameras continue to work their way.

The compact design of the Canon IXUS 265 makes it a model you can easily carry with you. The camera weighs only 147 grams and can shoot between 25 and 300 mm of focal length. Let’s also say that it has 12x optical zoom value. The design is as comfortable as it is stylish, and behind the machine is a 3.0-inch screen. This screen is not touchable. Obviously, it would have been more useful. This is because you are now using the menu keys to set the machine as an old method.

The Canon IXUS 265 can capture good images with its 16-megapixel sensor. The machine works with a 1 /2.3-inch image sensor, using CMOS as the sensor type. Capable of capturing 4608×3456 pixels as the effective resolution, the IXUS 265 can also record Full HD video. Let’s also say that the minimum shutter speed is 1 sec and the maximum speed is 15 sec. It is also worth pointing out that at the moment you get a JPEG frame of 1.6.

The IXUS 265 is an ideal compact camera for everyday use. You can see the pictures we took on our next page. But the biggest handicap of the machine is limited battery life. After consuming about 100 shots, we consumed battery life. On the other hand, let’s also note that we found 59 minutes during video recording.

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