Cheap as Chips Deals 11 – 17 Oct 2023

The Spring Sale is the major deal in Cheap as Chips Catalogue. You can buy 2 nice wheelie bins for only $25 this week. If you like to make something delicious outdoors, check out the new deal on H&G Pizza Oven that will cost only $199. Save $100 on that product. New items are available in the catalogue. Garden ornaments, wall art, textured fibreclay pot are new items appearing in the catalogue. Bedroom products are on sale. Cushions, curtains, sheet set, bath towels, and many more are featured offers in the catalogue this week. You can buy some toys and essentials for your pets, too. The final page of the catalogue is a Halloween sale.

Cheap as Chips Deals 11 - 17 Oct 2023

  • 2 All Purpose Wheelie Bins for $25
  • Hills Everyday Rotary 47 $299 – save $60
  • H&G Pizza Oven $199 – save $100
  • Cadbury Favorites, Roses Gift Pouch, Toblerone Gift Pouch 2 for $10
  • Garden Ornaments from $35
  • Wall Art from $29
  • Textured fibreclay pot from $35
  • Germanica 2 in 1 bagless, Preserving Jars, Mega 4 Drawer Cabinet, Wicker Look Laundry Basket, Box Sweden Heavy Duty Storage Box, and more deals
  • 30% off H&G Cushions
  • H&G Voile Curtain 2 for $40
  • Pet Essentials: Melanie Cat Scratcher, x-large travel dog kennel, Kelsie Padded Dog Bed, and more products
  • Halloween sale: animated light up witch, Halloween costumes, bag of bones or skulls, Huge Creepy Girl, Halloween Skull goblet or pitcher

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