Cheap As Chips Deals 31 May 2023

Check out the deals for 31 May – 6 Jun 2023 which include winter warmers, hot buys of grocery and household supplies, heaters, kitchen appliances, sherpa blanket, cushions, and many more products. Cheap As Chips Catalogue 31 May – 6 Jun 2023 has all the essential categories for your home. You can buy drawers, or artificial grass. Pay only $39 for artificial grass this week and save $6. Super sale is also available. the deal will be valid for 2 days. 30% off outdoor cooking, 40% off selected curtains, and more products in the super sale.

Cheap As Chips Deals 31 May 2023

  • Hot Buys: Samboy & Thins Chips, Pepsi & Schweppes soft drinks
  • Germanica Carbon Fibre wall heater $199
  • Hot Buys: Radiant, Finish dishwashing tablets, Candy Market confectionery, MasterFoods squeeze tomato sauce, and more products
  • Winter wear: print cuddie hoodies, PJ Lounge pants, flannelette shirts, fleecy print hoodies and more
  • Ceramic Fan Heater, Carbon Fibre Wall Heater, Mejour slow cooker, air fryer, and more products
  • Sherpa Blankets, fold out clothes airer, laundry baskets, fleece throws, and more offers
  • Garden and home: drawer chests, storage, polished river stones, artificial grass, and more products
  • Super Sale that will be for 2 days only. H&G pizza oven, outdoor electric BBQ, Kettle BBQ grill and more
  • 30% off outdoor cooking products.
  • Up to 40% off curtains and cushions
  • And many more products are available in Cheap As Chips Catalogue 31 May – 6 Jun 2023.

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