Cheap As Chips Deals 7 – 13 Jun 2023

Cheap as Chips Catalogue can help you get some home essentials at a really good price. They have not only home products but also regularly consumed goods like coffee. NescafĂ© Extraforte is only $6.99 this week. Hot Buys are the big deal. Shop household supplies, candies, snacks, and more are some of the items of the hot buy in this catalogue. Buy treats for your pets such as Sparky’s pig ears, snacks, strapz, and more at lower costs. Buy something new for your kitchen, too. Mejour air fryer, slow cooker, mincer, cookware set and more that will help you obtain better results from your cooking are available with intro prices. For example, you can buy H&G cookware set for $109.

Cheap As Chips Deals 7 - 13 Jun 2023

  • Chinchilla plush mattress, cuddle hoodies, 4.5l digital air fryer on the first page
  • Hot Buys with grocery, snacks, household supplies. Buy Sorbent toilet rolls for $17.99
  • Kitchen products: Magnifica mincer, H&G cookware set, Mejour slow cooker, air fryer
  • Garden and home products: Pent Metal Shed, Brunnings naturally good 25L packs, Home Essentials Blanket, sofa cover
  • White 3 door pantry, broom cupboard, artist canvases, and more
  • Super Sale tripod pots, round pot with feet, ceramic pots. 20% off garden pots, up to 40% off decorator

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