Coles Australia Day Catalogue 20 – 26 Jan 2016

AUSTRALIA DAY WITH COLES Coles Australia Day Catalogue 20 - 26 Jan 2016

Australia day is coming on this week with the Cole’s special discounts and sales. On this week and on the special day there will be special discounts for the customers. Especially with the snacks and the really good quality products. You will lose your mind what to buy and spend your time what to choose. With these snacks you can choose what to eat. If you like drinking tea and you should try the cold tea with the Lipton Ice tea. And there are varieties with lemon and peach.

If you like watching TV this snack will be really good combine with the movie. While watching TV you can eat the Nice & Natural nut bars or super fruit bars very delicious. For the celebrity there will be celebrations box for the festivals and you can give the candies for the kids to make them happier. All the chocolates will be half price. With the best brined Nestle Kit Kat, Mars will be the half price. If you like some crackers with the rice and other varieties. For the drinks there will be the amazing taste with the energy drink which it gives you the really energy. You can also try the coconut water in 1 liter.

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