Coles Australia Day Catalogue 22 – 26 Jan 2016

GREAT AUSTRALIAN DAY WITH COLES Coles Australia Day Catalogue 22 - 26 Jan 2016

In this catalogue you gonna find great snacks and drinks for Australian Day enjoy times. After or during party you or your child can eat these great products. Snacking is greatest thing between meals. With these products you can make your day better. For eg. sea salt naturally delicious potato chips by Kettle. And Arnott’s chocolate biscuits looks amazing. And 2 for $5 you can mix and match with any combination. With this great offer you can save $1.20. Sour Patch selling their products not just only in Australia. They products are international thus we can understand their profession about sweets. With watermelon taste you and your family members will like it. Natural confectionery family bags, Pascall or Sour patch assorted in different taste but one price : $3. Pringles has legendary taste. Thin sliced potato chips and great salt balance in this tube. Original classic Pringles just $3 with $1.10 save.

For sure Coca-Cola is best drink while snacking. You can stock coca-cola mini with 8 pack can. Grate price, perfect taste with Coca-Cola. Also you can choose 2 Litre coca-cola. All soft drink varieties of Coca-cola from $3. with $1 save. Everybody likes snacking. Do not miss this opportunities by Coles. Enjoy at Aussie Day !


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