Coles Bakery Sale Catalogue 26 Jan 2016

BAKERY IS COLES’ PROFESSION Coles Bakery Sale Catalogue 26 Jan 2016

Coles bakery products discounted this week. Do not miss this fresh and daily products. You can find bakery cookies 12 pack everyday at Coles. Maybe you can come and buy just these cookies when you are going work or school. You can share with someone these cookies. Sharing will makes your relations stronger , lets happen this with Coles bakery products. These products are very fresh and tasty. Stone baked pane di case white or wholemeal and quina will be your favorite bread. Or 4 pack premium rolls, light rye sourdough or ciabatta roll would be better for breakfasts. All these products Australian made becasue of this they are healthy and selling from cheap price.

If you want sweet something, try Iced donuts or croisssants. For your rush hours, Coles croissants 3 or 4 pack, mini croissants 8 pack is really cool choices and best solution about timing. Everybody like donuts especially child. Make a great surprise for them. Maybe you can choose mud cake. This cake is perfect for celebrate something. It could be Australian day. Just open it and its ready. It is an another perfect solution of Coles. Enjoy with amazing tasty products of Coles.

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