Coles Bic Half-Price Deal | Catalogue Sale 1 – 7 Jan

Coles Bic Half-Price DealColes keeps making everyone happy in the new year with the half-price deals which we may easily spot on the latest Coles Catalogue. The deals are valid for 1 – 7 Jan. Browe Colgate, Dove, Bic, Palmolive, and more brands of personal care products are either half-price savings or they are on sale somehow. For example, you can find a massive Swisse tablet half-price deals on pg 31 of this Coles Catalogue. Non-food deals of Coles are as good as the grocery sale and almost every week, we are able to find some non-food half-price deals. This is important for the Aussies because everywhere around the world, people complain about the expenses of cleaning chemicals, consumables for bathroom or the houses. Keep these expenses lower to save more. Shop wisely with the correct deals from online sources such as Coles Catalogue. If you want to see Coles Bic Half-Price deal, check out pg 29 of this catalogue. See even more deals there. Also, subscribe to the email list for a free newsletter.

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