Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 June 2016 | Half Prices and MasterChef Pantry Sale

Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 June 2016 effective prices have been announced today. MasterChef pantry that is present with the original ideas and half prices in the catalogue are considerable help to save on weekly shopping.

Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 June 2016

Featuring classic food range, Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 June sale set the prices to lower level. They got half prices of candies, snacks and chocolates of usual brands. Mainly pg 2-7 have this list of items that you may get interested in.

On Cover page of Coles Catalogue: (half prices)

Arnott’s cream biscuits $1.42
Moccona freeze dried coffee 200g $9.18
Colgate total advanced clean toothpaste 190g $3.50
Kitkat Nestle 118g $2.25

Moreover candies, beverage, soda, and half prices on pg 2-3

Pascall marshmallows $2 HALF PRICE
Schweppes 1.25 2/$3 HALF PRICE
Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 540g $9.50 HALF PRICE
Cottee’s cordial 1L $2.49 HALF PRICE
Twisties, burger rings, cheetos snacks 90g $0.90 HALF PRICE pg 5

You can’t miss half prices of pantry, canned food, rice, olive oil etc on pg 8&9. You should see these canned food by Heinz, and Fantastic noodles. All half priced items from pantry range of Coles Catalogue here:

Fantastic Chicken Noodles 70g $0.80
Alfa One Rice Bran $9
Heinz full of beanz 420g $1.05
Tassal Roasted Salmon $3.49
SunRice brown or white rice 5kg $6.80
Harvest Box Power Mix 4.5kg $1.25

More half prices for pancake syrup, Sanitarium breakfast drink and Kellogg’s crunchy corn flakes are available on pg 11.

Coffee, tea and brekfast food are available online or in-store. All items are on sale on pg 12-13.

Melrose refined coconut oil 300g $3.97 HALF PRICE pg 13
Moccona cafe classic 10 pk 140g $2.77 HALF PRICE
Robert Timms coffee beans 1kg $10.29 HALF PRICE
McCain Super Fries $2.10 half price pg 14
Peters Maxibon 4 pk 620 mL $3.99

Everyday prices of Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 June are the deals they got for you on pg 18-19 mostly consisting of chicken, sauces, packaged food, pasta sauce, light cheese and more. Recipe of Chilli con carne can be read on pg 20.

Masterchef deals by Coles Catalogue:

Lamb loin chops $16 kg
Coles Australian beef chuck casserole steak $12 kg
Australian beef mince 1kg pk $8 pk
Thin BBQ beef sausages $8 pk

For household items and other products subscribe this category and grab more deals.

Coles Catalogue 1 - 7 June 2016 2 coles everyday prices 30 may pg 18 coles half prices 30 may 2016 1 coles half prices 30 may 2016 2 coles meat 30 may 2016 coles swisse 30 may 2016

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