Coles Catalogue 10 – 16 Aug 2016

Coles Catalogue 10 – 16 Aug 2016 that contains the newest half prices, specials, Colesfresh deals and essential needs in the name of food, cleaning supplies, personal care items and many more. You may browse Coles Catalogeu 10 – 16 Aug 2016 converting your shopping to a joyful experience of online grocery shopping. Try this new Coles Catalogue and get the best range of snacks, tasty food, delicious deli products and bakery items.Coles Catalogue 10 - 16 Aug 2016

Coles Catalogue half prices on the cover page are :

Kleenex cottonelle toilet paper 18 pk $5.50
Connoisse $4.85
Campbell’s red stock 1L $1.99
Mars M&M’s or Matesers 140g $2.12

HALF PRICES Of snacks and candies on pg 3:

Grainwaves chips 175g $1.85
H2COCO Coconut water 330 mL $1.42
Sakata rice crackers $1.16
Cadbury Favourites gift boxed chocolate 540g $9.50
BelVita breakfast biscuits 300g $2
Oreo Cream cookies 137g $1
Gatorade sports drink 1L $2
Tyrrells crisps $2.25

Pantry Half Prices featuring vegetable oil and olive oil. See some of the essentials to cook, add flavor to your meal or the meal itself. Half priced products are the most profitable savings of the grocery catalogues like Woolworths and Coles. Visit pg 7 for these products:

Gold Choice canola, vegetable or sunflower oil 4L $8
Always fresh pitted kalamata olives $3.80
Passage to India simmer sauce 375g $2.14
Moro El Primero extra virgin oil 500mL $4.99
Brunswick sardines 106g $1

Campbell’s country ladle or chunky soup $1.64
Nestle cooking chocolate $3
Campbell’s condensed tomato $0.93

More half prices of this shelf has been featured in the sale. Coles Catalogue offers more snacks on pg 13 for half prices. These are breakfast food but you can call them snacks. Kellogg’s, Kraft and more favourite brands are in stocks for these half prices.

Kellogg’s nutri-grain bars $2.50
Kellogg’s LCMs $1.99
Ocean Spray craisins $2
Kraft Hazelnut spread 350g $2.20
SunRice rice chips $4
Dorset porridge sachets 420g $5

Check out everyday prices of Coles Catalogue on pg 15 for the products like Coles juice, salted beer nuts etc. Fresh meat products are available on pg 20-21. Deli and fresh Australian Grown vegetable and fruits on pg 22-23.

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