Coles Catalogue Specials 13 Apr 2016

Coles Catalogue Specials 13 Apr 2016 with the snacks, chocolate and confectionery, fresh groceries, recipe of lemon pudding, dairy products, cheese variety from deli and the best prices of Coles is live for browse now.

Coles Catalogue Specials 13 Apr 2016

HALF PRICES on cover can be browsed if you are into candy mix of natural confectionery co. Arnott’s Tim Tam pack, Campbell’s Real stock and Nivea Deo. HALF PRICE range of Coles has been always the most popular deals alongside the down down prices. Few years ago they were highlighting constantly reduced prices but this year we can mostly see Coles specials instead.


SNACKS on the catalogue featured belVita biscuit $2, V energy drink 4-pack $6, Kettle chips, lipton ice tea, and beverage sale. More confectionery and beverage products are on sale on pg 3.
CHOCOLATE and Cadbury chocolates like coco or dairy milk is Coles Spceial of the week. BEVERAGE specials are coca cola 2L $3, Pepsi 2 for $3, Bickford’s cardial $3, Gatorade’s sports drink $2 are on sale on the catalogue.

COLES deals of Master Foods ketchup, Barilla gluten free pasta, coconut milk TCC, SPC beans, Gravox traditional gravy might count as the latest food deals. These savings can be profitable for Coles customers. Subscribe this page to hear from future Coles Catalogues.

RECIPE of lemon pudding can be read on pg 12. That’s also the place where you can find Continental stock pot, Glad cling wrap, Don Calabrese slices, ricotta cheese. Favorite dairy products like packaged milk and cheese prices are available on pg 14-15. Farmers Union iced coffee is $2.50 each deal which is present on pg 14.

HALF PRICE pantry food that are practical food after work or a school day which was intensive enough to break your bones. With the broken bones you can’t cook. Or just don’t cook for no reason and have some boneless chicken of SFC, or vegetable meals mixed and packaged that are on sale on pg 16&17.

PACKAGED products in the sale of Coles are more available in pg 18-19. Find MEAT sale with steak and beef variety on pg 20-21. Witht he correct recipe you can now make a great chicken noodle soup. Coles explains how to feed your family with the chicken noodle soup.

COLES FRESH GROCERY has been featured by this catalogue on pg 22. This sale offers broccoli bunch, mushrooms, south wales kanzi apples and many more. For more of supermarket food like the Coles catalogue please see ALDI Catalogue, Woolworths Catalogue and IGA catalogue.

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