Coles Catalogue 15th April Half Prices

View new deals of Coles Catalogue 15th April 2015 to discover half priced products that are the weekly specials of this week. Coles Weekly Specials on the cover page are the half priced deals of the retailer. Coles Catalogue 15th April Half PricesThis week Coles got the best of fresh food and packed food varieties on this catalogue. Don’t miss out a great range.


Half priced products of Coles on the cover page are soft drinks, biscuits, deodorant and multi-purpose bathroom-kitchen paper towels. Also 100% Aussie Beef with recipe can be seen on new Coles Catalogue. More of Coles Catalogue 15th April deals:

Snacks and Confectionery

To have fun in your house at night while watching a real movie in your living room there are plenty of snacks and confectionary at Coles Supermarket.
Mars medium, Smith’s Chips, M&M chocolate balls 2 for $5 pg; 2
Allen’s medium bags $2
Twisties $1
Tyrell’s English chips $3

Coles Coca Cola Life

Coca Cola Life drink has reduced sugar and with the taste of Stevia you will be more healthy while getting the same taste. This Stevia is 450 times more sweet than Glucose and its energy is much more lesser accordingly. Perfect price from Coles Catalogue is available. Also see them on Coles Catalogue 15th April pages.
NEW Coca Cola Life Soft Drink 4×330 mL $4 (in glass)pg; 4
Coca Cola Life Mini soft drink $6
Coca-Cola Life soft drink 1.25 L in pet.
Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa Half price $4.49 ! pg; 5

Coles Recipe and Meat Products

Have look at the meat section of this catalogue an learn about a new recipe. Greek Lamb Gyros with original method of Coles is available on pg; 6.
Coles Angus Beef burgers 2 for $11 pg; 6
Whole Chicken $8 pg; 7

Other recipe is of T-Bone Steaks. Check it out on pg; 8. If you have difficulty in reading these recipes please leave it on the comment section below and I will write them in the posts next time.


Grocery items, deli products and fresh food are perhaps the primary reason people visit here. Great half prices of Coles and top quality food products of green grocery are featured.
Apples are only $2.50 per kg in this week. pg; 9.
Deli meat products on pg; 10.
Bakery offers on pg; 11.
Yoghurt specials and other dairy product offers on pg; 12&13.

Everyday specials of Coles Catalogue are offered. See half prices on pg; 16&17. A lot of products are available in this catalogue. Countless of them are impossible to put in this post.
Beauty products on pg; 22&23.
Personal care items like teeth care, baby care on pg; 26.
Stationery and media products like phones, figurines and DVD movies on pg; 27.
Cleaning supplies featuring paper towel, chemical cleaning products etc. are on pg; 28-29.

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