Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 November 2016

Christmas treats, half prices of chocolate boxes like Cadbury dairy milk, Lindt Lindor, Cadbury Roses and more can be browsed on pg 7. Coles Catalogue 16 - 22 November 2016Beverage products are Coles specials on pg 6. Furthermore Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 November 2016 is full of half prices and Christmas treats or decoration. Meat prices are staying down on pg 15. Aussie cooked silverside and Aussie lamb loin chops have been included on pg 15. Seafood offers by Coles can be browsed on pg 16.

The desserts are essentials of Coles desserts. Tropical cake, mince pies, Christmas luxury pudding were contained by the catalogue. More than this food for your freezer and appetizers for Christmas celebration may also be your favourites in Nov-Dec 2016. These great products will be on sale starting on Wednesday.

If you are looking for wrapping gifts, lighting products, Christmas party supplies are featured on pg 26&27. Some good half prices and nice deals on the first part of this catalogue.

Aussie beef porterhouse steak $32 kg
Cadbury Medium bars 30g $1 – half price
Cadbury Favourites gift box chocolates 540g $9.50

Sweet Treats HALF PRICES

Lindt Lindor Christmas tin 460g $15
Cadbury Dairy milk gift box chocolates 175g $5
Lindt gift box chocolates 147g $6.30
Cadbury Roses boxed chocolates 450g $7.75

Fanta,Sprite or Lift soft drink 1.25L $2
Fanta,Sprite or Lift soft drink 24x375mL 2/$28

A recipe is readable. Instructions for Christmas peppermint fudge can be read on pg 12. Nestle cooking chocolate, desicated coconut and Nestle sweetened condensed milk that are in the ingredients of this recipe. On pg 12 these products are on sale.

Aussie corned silverside $9 kg
Aussie lamb loin chops $20 kg

Coles Seafood

Seafood deals are contained on pg 16. John West, imported seafood and more products may also be found.

John West fresh salmon portions with lemon & herb crust 2 pk $11 pk
Imported smoked cod thawed $10 kg
Imported vannamel prawns thawed $15 kg

Tassal sliced smoked salmon 200g $9
Australian cooked extra large black tiger prawns thawed $26 kg
Imported raw garlic or chili prawn skewers thawed $1 ea

Desserts for Christmas are available on pg 18. Tropical cake, mince pies, luxury pudding are among these desserts. My favourite is Coles finest tropical cake which is priced $8. Special Christmas products from deli and frozen food:

Sakata rice crackers 90g $1.75
Oliving twiggy sticks $15 kg
Semi dried tomato or Tuscan antipasto mix $20 kg

Coles Grill RSPCA approved chicken skewers $6 kg
Coles bakery stone baked batards 260g $2.40

Chicken, Meat and Turkeys:

Coles Frozen cooked & peeled prawns tail on 750g $16
Steggles frozen whole turkey 3.4 kg $22
Steggles frozen turkey medium buffet 3.8 kg $40 ea

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