Coles Catalogue 2 – 8 November 2016

Coles Catalogue 2 – 8 November 2016 Unreal deals which are better than half prices and wide product range of general needs of the week. Coles Catalogue 2 - 8 November 2016Half Price products are also available within the sale of the catalogue. Coca Cola made a new limited edition of ginger. In Spring Coke will be ready to help you refresh yourself. Moccona freeze dried coffee provides the softness of the taste and power of the refresh with the finest selection. Find out its prices on pg 6.

Pringles potato chips 134g $1.90
Mars M&M’s maltesers or pods 140g $2
Ferrero Rocher boxed chocolates 16 pk 200g $6
Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink 25x375mL $9

With half prices of Cadbury Favorites, Dairy milk, Goldern Circle, Freddo, Sakata, Twisties cheese and more products can be found on pg 5. You don’t have to struggle to find this type of products and nice prices.

Moccona Wholebean reserve coffee 150g $11
Maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5kg $8.75
Harvest 425g $1.75
Australia’s own organic almond long life milk 1L $1.93
Campbell’s country ladle or chunky soup 495g $2

Meat sale has been included by this Coles Catalogue. Scotch fillet steak, RSPCA approved whole chicken and Australian beef 2 star mince are on sale. Check out pg 15 of the catalogue to save more getting the delightful meals.

Christmas Food on pg 19:

Steggles frozen turkey breast roast 1kg $17
Steggles frozen whole turkey 3.4kg $22
Steggles frozen turkey medium buffet 3.8 kg $40
By George Lobster Tails with garlic butter 320g $30

Pg 21:

Half Price Ho Mai Yum Cha entertainer pack $7
Balfours frozen pies 12 pk $3.49
Nanna’s apple pies $2.84
Crazy dragon park dumplings 1kg $10
Birds Eye steamfresh plus vegetables $4
Peters Original ice cream 2L $4
Weight watchers frozen gourmet meal $4.50

A lot of pantry and frozen food products are generally available in the weekly Woolworths Catalogues. You can also find pharmacy in the catalogue. Swisse tablets, in general, have been featured by the Coles Catalogue. Don’t forget to check out this today.

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