Coles Catalogue 21 – 27 September 2016

Half prices on cover page are the snacks that can suppress your appetize before meal. During a working or studying day you can use these as side friends while you work on your subject. Coles Catalogue 21 – 27 September 2016 Pepsi, Solo, Birds Eye, Thins chips, Mars medium funsize are half price products of Coles Catalogue.Coles Catalogue 21 - 27 September 2016

Coles Footy Finals

Foot Finals snacks and favorite soda packs are available from pg 2-10. Arnott’s three products are 2 for $4 on pg 2. M&M’s large bitesize, mini Oreo, coke and Starbust are all available on pg 2-3. Starbust Medium Bag, Grain waves chips, Cadbury medium bars are half priced products.

Ritz snackz crackers 100g $1
Mars Maltesers 360g $5
Golden Circle Tetra fruit drink 1L $1.07
Cadbury Coco 100g, Bubbly 155g and Green&Black’s block chocolate 100g $2

Footy Finals are the best along with the new season joy of sports. Pizza packs, convenient food and awesome beverage variety from Coles can be found on pg 6&7. Cheezels cheese snacks 110g, Coles dip of avocado, checkers, Australian peanuts and many more products from Footy Finals.

Breast Tenders crumbed $3.90
Four ‘N Twenty super chunky steak & veg pies 4 pk $4.50
Patties party pk 1.25 kg $6.75
Thai Spring Rolls $2.98

All the pantry food, favorite brands were contained in this Coles Catalogue. Weekly shopping products like Moccona coffee, Vittoria mountain grown coffee beans and Nutella & Go Snack are in this list. Check out dairy products and breakfast taste on pg 19 for special Coles prices.

Coles Dairy Products

Yoplait kids squeezie yoghurt 70g 5/$4.50
Flora Pro-activ 500g $6
Coon tasty cheese $4
Bega cheese block or grated 500g $6

Packaged meat offers and deli products have been placed on pg 21. Some cheese variety can also be found on pg 22. Kraft cheese products, Castello Half Moon cheese, Tasmanian Heritage cheese and yoghurt products are featured on pg 22.

Coles Spring Meat

A really nice meat range from Coles Catalogue can be browsed on pg 24-25. Chicken skewers sweet BBQ, beef brisket with BBQ, Coles Asian style salad kit and all the other essentials for BBQ and outdoor fun on pg 24.

Aussie Lamb cutlets $26.50
Coles Australian lamb shoulder roast $8 kg
Beef BBQ round steak $15 kg
Coles RSPCA Approved whole chicken $4 kg

Fresh produce Aussie mushrooms, apples, wombok, medley mix tomatoes and many more fresh deals are waiting for you on pg 26. Chicken and deli meat can be seen on pg 27.

Coles Personal Care and Pharmacy

Half priced Blackmores capsules, fish oil, vitamins and minerals are on pg 28. Colgate, Sensodyne, Elastoplast, Rexona and like-class products are available on pg 29. Find bathroom essentials like Palmolive shampoo, L’Oreal hair color and many more !

Household products like half priced products on pg 33:

Mortein Naturgard multi insect automatic spray $15
Febreze fabric refresher spray 370mL $3.25
Omo Laundry powder liquid 1L $8
Finish Dishwasher tablets 20 pk $10
viva Paper towel 3 pk $3

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