Coles Catalogue Greatest Prices 18 – 24 Nov 2015

Coles 1/2 prices best way to save your money.

Coles 1/2 SavingsColes Catalogue Greatest Prices 18 - 24 Nov 2015

From all categories you can find 1/2 price stamp on products. Coles selling quality with great cost. On main page of catalogue, as you can see delicious tuna, magnum pack even frozen duck on sale with 1/2 price. You should not miss this opportunities. %60 wholegrain , %100 delicious Sunbites chips, twix bars, nutri-grain for best breakfasts, musli bars will never miss in your snack drawer. Your kids will like it, be careful someone can eat before you eat ! Salmon tempters with 1/2 prices. You are not just buying delicious product, you are buying healthy seafood product. John West deserves every penny.

While we are cooking, everybody using oil. We have to select oil healthy and fair price. So Gold’n Canola with OMEGA 3 support, best choice for Coles costumers. Lower in saturated, cholesterol free and Australian Premium Canola ! That is why we are recommend this product. The another 1/2 price product is toast and English muffins in pack. Best choice for light breakfasts. Evondale proved products quality by AGDA & DIAA. There is many frozen product on sale with 1/2 prices. SFC Chicken tenders, calloped potatoes are can be tasty choice. Streets Americana series still no1. in Coles. Warm summer days, fresher now with Fruttare, Calippo and Magnum flavors.

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