Coles Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016

Coles Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 Halloween spooky deals can be seen on pg 7-9. Coles Catalogue 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2016When in Halloween you need masks, posters, costumes, accessories, for fair prices. They are easy to find on weekly catalogues. As usual Coles has a brilliant range of snacks, beverage and confectionery selection for you. Lean Cuisine, 12 Mars, Dr Oetker Ristorante, Kellogg’s Dr Oetker Nutri Grain, TRESemme on cover page summarize all the stuff of snacks etc. Again breakfast and nutrition for your daily life has come with this catalogue. Kellogg’s coco pops was priced at half. Check that out on pg 11. Moreover pantry sale including pasta and pasta sauce like Fountain Tomato sauce and more can be found on pg 12-13. SunRice medium grain grown or white rice, Heinz classic creamy pumpkin, Kalamata olives are all in with half prices on the newest Coles Catalogue.

Coles Chocolate and Candy Sale

Check out pg 3 for chocolates and snacks. Crackers, Kettle Sea Salt, and half prices of these products can be browsed on pg 4-5.

Mars or KitKat $1
Arnott’s Shapes $1.50
Lipton Ice Tea $1.90
Just Juice 6x200mL $2.35
Smith’s Thinly cut potato chips 175g $1.65

Are few of the half priced products by Coles.

Halloween Products

All the favorites of Halloween like chips, snacks, M&M’s crispy mint, Mars celebrations gift box, Kinder Little ones 16 pk 200g, Arnott’s multipack Tiny Teddy, Smith’s potato chips, Cadbury Favorites chocolates gift box and many more products.

Jack O Lantern pumpkin $2.70
Halloween pumpkin pail or treat bag 6 pk $2
Halloween shaped silicone chocolate mould or felt treat basket $4
Halloween witch hat with hair $5
Halloween children’s costumes $12
Halloween silicone baking mould $6

From pg 10 to pg 15 you may browse a good pantry sale. Many of the products have been half priced. Kellogg’s Coco Pops, Fountain Squeezy sauce and other conserved products.

Kellogg’s Coco Pops $3.50 half price
Fountain squeezy sauce 500mL $1
Zoosh Mayonnaise 200g $1.65
Heinz Classic soup 535g $1.74
L’OR Espresso capsules 10 pk $3
Sandhurst kalamata olive sliced 300g $1.78

SunRice medium grain brown or white rice 5 kg
Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oil 750mL $6.49
Edgell corn kernels 420g $.88

Fresh meat, fresh produce, fresh seafood can be found on pg 16-20. Bakery sales of Coles has been contained on pg 20. colesFarmers Kensington pride mangoes, Australian topless pineapples, sliced cup or flat mushrooms are available on pg 16.

Kensington pride mangoes $3
Red or Gold Perino tomatoes 200g $6
Australian topless pineapples $2.80
Australian sliced cup or flat mushrooms $4.50 pk

Coles fresh meat dept. offers you a large selection on pg 17. Spring Lamb, whole chicken, chicken kababs, beef oyster blade steak and more meat offers have been contained in this catalogue. Coles is an exceptional one among all the weekly catalogues. Seafood like salmon skin on portions, primo cobanossi, raw banana prawns thawed, Coles family hot roast chicken are available on pg 19.

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