Coles Catalogue 28 Sep – 4 Oct 2016

Coles Catalogue 28 Sep – 4 Oct 2016 offers new fresh groceries in half prices. Footy Finals like previous week can be browsed on this catalogue. They have coke, Doritos, Smith’s and many more in these footy finals products. See half prices of Pringles, Coca Cola and Allen’s on pg 2-3. Mars, Kitkat are also featured deals.Coles Catalogue 28 Sep - 4 Oct 2016

On the footy finals selection you find Jack Link’s beef jerky, Cadbury Favourites half prices on pg 5. New products are Monster Ultra Energy Drink 4x500mL priced $8 on pg 5. Another one is Solo brew and you can discover more products on pg 4-5. Pepsi Max no sugar lime flavor is a new deal by Coles on pg 6. $1.50 is the price for new Pepsi Max.

Footy Finals plastic serving ware can be found on pg 7. Use these to get rid of dishes. Find cheese variety as appetizers for your guests. Always a good choice when something is up ! Half prices of Four N Twenty classic meat pies on pg 9.

Four N Twenty classic meat pies $4
Edgell Chiko rolls 650g $2.67
Nestle Milo $5
Birds Eye deli chips 600g $2.50
McCain wedges 750g $3
Weis Dessert Bars $3.39

And more products are featured withing that sale. Footy Finals offer pantry on pg 12-13. For a delicious pasta, or a good meal while watching your favorite show on TV ! All the needs and lowered prices you need can be found on pg 12-13. Moreover, find breakfast products like Kellogg’s original, nutri grain, coco pops, drinking chocolate and more on pg 15.

Everyday prices of Coles on pg 17 for Sanitarium Weet-Bix $5, Kellogg’s corn flakes $4 !

Farmers Union Greek style yogurt $1.25 pg 18
Coles Pumpkin soup $3
Sanitarium weet-bix 1.4kg $5 pg 18
Ingham’s chicken breast tenders $5 pg 20

Coles offers a new special on pg 22. Proud and Punch frozen yoghurts of 900mL can be purchased for $6 each. Meat variety can be found on pg 23. You got more on meat dept. on pg 25. Spring Lamb season has begun.

Aussie Lamb whole leg roast $9
Beef scotch fillet steak $29

Fresh selection consisting of fruits and fresh veg are on pg 25. Bakery can be seen on pg 26. And personal care, more half priced products, household are also available in the Coles Catalogue.

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