Coles Catalogue 6 Jul – 12 Jul 2016

Coles Catalogue 6 Jul – 12 Jul 2016 has a marvellous sale of almost every type of needs of a week. For the whole product range of Coles Catalogue you may use the links below. Savings in this catalogue may make a good shopping which is both profitable and fun. Candies, packs of favorite breakfast food, beverage and their everyday prices might be the good thing for you. Don’t harm your budget and let every day prices of Coles Catalogue help you.

Coles Catalogue 6 Jul - 12 Jul 2016

Campbell’s real stock chicken $1.99
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite 24×375 mL $14.10
Mars Medium funsize $2.30
Sanitarium up&go liquid breakfast $2.30

Everyday Prices of breakfast food, dairy and packaged fresh fruits are available on pg 2-3.

Coles Smart Buy bread white toast – sandwich $0.85 ea
Coles fruit drink 2L $1.70
Coles Frozen fruit 300g $4
Coles frozen potato chips 1kg $2
Coles convenience meals $3.50
Coles Frozen meat pies 6 pack 900g $3.70

BBQ Meat lovers pizza $3
Coles cheese slices 24 pk $6

Beverage and water and half prices of pantry can be found on pg 8&9 of the Coles Catalogue. This week’s fresh specials are also holding an important place for profitable shopping.

Monster Energy Drink $2.80
Mount Franklin lightly sparkling water 1.25L $1.50
Deep Spring Mineral water $1
Fuze tea 350mL $1.70

Check out pg 9 for the pantry half price. Heinz classic creamy pumpkin and beanz creationz will be yours for the half prices. Browse the whole catalogue for the savings.

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