Coles Catalogue 9 – 15 November 2016

Coles Catalogue 9 – 15 November 2016 is one of the fantastic catalogues that might be the source of saving for you. While shopping for the weekly needs you will be able to enjoy and save more with catalogues like Coles. Unreal Deals on the cover gives more examples and ideas for what we are talking about here:Coles Catalogue 9 - 15 November 2016

Solo, Pepsi, sunkist or Mountain Dew soft drink 1.25L $1
Heinz full of beanz or Heinz Sphagetti 400g $.80

Are two party supplies. Of course Heinz is not a kind of party type but it is really good when you don’t want to cook and keep the party going on. Aussie Beef rump steak was priced at $21.50 per kg and it’s on the cover as well. That’s the beef and it’s one of the most important for gathering the family or friends.

This week Grainwaves chips 175g was priced by half. Check out its price starting from Wednesday. Coles Specials of this week are available on pg 4. Those are on sale. Oreo cookies and more products have been put there while you can read the recipe of Mint Cheesecake Cadbury Flake (only at Coles).

Half Prices of Coles on pg 5:

Peckish rice crackers 100g $1
Mars or Nestle Medium Bars 35g $1
Monster Energy Drink 4x500mL $5.85
Tyrrell’s hand-cooked crisps 165g $2.25

belVita breakfast biscuits was half priced at Coles Catalogue. Later on we may talk about all the half prices that will be available with this week’s sale.

Coles Christmas Treats and Recipes

Check out pg 8&9 to discover new Christmas products by Coles.

Mars Celebrations boxed chocolates 540g $9
Cadbury Favourites or Mini Blocks boxed chocolates 320g $6
Cadbury dairy milk advent calendar 90g $3
Toblerone milk chocolate 360g $4.95

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  1. I tried to find the Mint Flake Cheesecake recipe on and I can’t find it on their site. Any help would be great.

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