Coles Catalogue Back to School 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

You might want to stock nice snacks, breakfast nutrition, beverage and special foods that are quick and practical to consume during school hours. Coles Catalogue Back to School is exactly the place to look for a good price of a Kellogg’s Nutri-grain pack or Arnott’s Shapes originals. Stock them in your pantry, pack them for kids. Every day will become rich in nutrition at school. Don’t forget to see buns, loaf, muffins, Anzac biscuits, 5 pack slices, White Bread and more products, too. Nothing beats a slice of good bread with hazelnut spread. Ice cream sale by Coles is an interesting deal, too. Streets Magnum, Paddle Pop, Golden Gaytime or Sanga, Streets Calippo and more ice cream products are the featured discounts in the frozen range on pg 10. You can buy Peters Light and Creamy 1.8L for only $4 at Coles this week. Moreover, the catalogue can also help customers find lower prices of snacks and beverage products. That includes Powerade, Coca-cola, Pepsi Max, Solo, Cheezels. Also, many of them are priced at half the regular values. Pantry products, a non-food section of the catalogue and much more are also interesting and profitable parts of the new sale which is the content of the newest Coles Catalogue.

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