Coles Catalogue Breakfast Goods 13 – 19 Jan 2016

COLES BREAKFAST CLUB Coles Catalogue Breakfast Goods 13 - 19 Jan 2016

On this catalogue Coles offers the special discounts first of all if you have time to have breakfast this jams are coming for you. IXL Jam 600 gram is just $ 3 and you will save 99 cent. You can just spread the jam on your fried bread with the butter and you will taste amazing yummy. Ocean spray fruit drink which is cranberry classic is coming by the Cole’s quality brand, Ocean Spray is just $ 2.84 each one. For the people who don’t have time to have breakfast, Uncle Tobys choc chip wholegrain lunch box bars coming with the Coles. Uncle Tobys muesli bars 185 gram, rolls ups 6 pack or le snack 6 packs is just $ 3 each one.

For the people who love the coffee, well – known brand is Lavazza Torino is coming with the quality of Coles. Lavazza Torino qualita oro coffee beans or ground 1 kg is just $ 20 each box. For the people who care the body and like the green tea. Green teas are so healthy for the body. Lipton Green Tea bags 50 pack is just $ 3 each box. And the other varieties are coming by the quality of Coles.

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