Coles Catalogue Christmas 20 – 26 December 2017

Coles Catalogue Christmas 20 - 26 December 2017All stores will be open on Boxing Day, 26th December. All stores closed on 25th December. Shrimps, whole duck, bone-in and boneless meat products on pg 2-3. A new recipe is going to be ready on pg 5. Coles finest Whole turkey will cost only $.38 at Coles stores. Find jelly, shrimps, lobsters, prawns and more products on pg 5-6. Deli cheese variety is going to be in the new Christmas sale. Buy some Tasmanian heritage cheese for $8, Castelio double brie or blue cheese 150g costs $5.50. Discover like products on the same page.

Have breakfast like a king in December. Breakfast food, Christmas sweets are available on pg 9-10. Coles bakery croissants, Berri Australian grown juice and sausages will be sold at lower prices.

Christmas delight bouquets, Santa’s helper bouquet and other types of beauties will be available at Coles stores. Discover more fresh produce. Broccoli, tomatoes, kent pumpkin, sliced cup mushrooms are among the products.

Read the recipe of Berry Cherry pavlova on pg 12. Also, white chocolate fruit & pistachio rocky road recipe is available. Find ingredients and a simple instruction to make this sweet Christmas recipe.

Christmas gift wraps on sale. Visit pg 15 of this catalogue and check out new gift wraps. Coles original products to wrap your gifts. They are fairly priced products, and you have a half price range for your favourite chocolates. Cadbury boxed favourites, Cadbury roses boxed chocolates, Lindor chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, and more products will be sold at half prices.

Smith’s thinly cut potato chips, Red Bull energy drink, V Energy Drink and more soda packs on pg 17. Shop ½ rices of Grain Waves chips. You can easily find your favourite candies. They need to be in your hampers this holiday.

Shop Moccona coffee, Kellogg’s corn flakes Christmas pack, Half prices of pantry products, Down Down prices of a variety of pantry and deli. It’s possible to spot the deals on Cornetto, Golden Gaytime, Cocktail Spring roll, and more.

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