Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 23 – 29 November 2016 Part II

Recipes, special desserts, Coles special products like Christmas chocolates, special deli products and enlarged Christmas decoration by Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 23 – 29 November 2016 can be explored through this post. Coles Catalogue Great Deals 23 - 29 November 2016 Part IThey don’t only have a classic Christmas chocolates sale or something like that. They have meat, deli and dairy products to offer you the real food. They are all Christmas specials.

Outstanding example of these is chocolate chunky cookie dough cheesecake recipe readable on pg 14. Ingredients for this recipe are featured deals of Coles Catalogue Christmas. They have sweets for Christmas. Including Ferrero Rocher, you can find a shelf with classics.

Ferrero Rocher Gift box 24 pk 300g $11
Ferrero Rocher cube 18 pk $15
Mars Maltesers 360g, M&M’s peanut 440g $5 – half price


Meat and deli products have got as much attention as Christmas treats like chocolate boxes have. Take a look at pg 16&17,

Aussie Lamb cutlets $32 kg
Aussie Beef rump – $21.50 kg
Coles Australian lamb forequarter chops $13 kg


All the Christmas deals by Coles Catalogue. Moreover this is not enough for fun ! Christmas deli and dairy discounts might be interesting for you. They have a great price range on pg 20 for Christmas desserts.

Coles Fruit mince pies with bundaberg rum 6 pk $3
Coles matured Christmas pudding 700g $7
Coles Christmas Meringue Baubles 90g $5
Coles mini Christmas puddings 9 pk 180g $7

Furthermore check out some prices on pg 24-25. Considering you will gather with family, these special food from deli will be tasty for everyone. Their prices are especially what makes this catalogue interesting.

Turkey Prices from Coles Catalogue,

Steggles Frozen Large whole turkey 5.2kg $45 ea
Steggles Frozen turkey headquarter 2kg $10
Ingham Frozen Turkey breast roast 2kg $32 ea
By George Frozen Lobster Tails with garlic butter 320g $30

And a half price deal of Chobani dip of 150g is $2 on pg 25. Coles Specials of this catalogue for Christmas are BePrimo packaged meat products are available on pg 26. And Christmas decoration offers can be browsed on pg 30-31. Any essential for Christmas decor can be supplied from Coles stores.

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