Coles Catalogue Christmas Feasts 25 – 1 Dec 2015

COLES CHRISTMAS FEASTS HERE Coles Catalogue Christmas Feasts 25 - 1 Dec 2015

Feel %100 Ham flavor with Coles. In meat rayon this week great discounts are available. Meet with super tasty meats, there is good quality hams for you. Ham varieties are wide and delicious. Full & half ham, double smoked ham leg – bone in, finest free range legs are Australian made. It means this week is food festive for your family. Buy quickly because discounts are really cool. Do not worry about carry them. There is good solution in Coles. Coles Ham bag is good quality and cheap price.

Coles presenting healthy food ever you ate : Large Raw King Prawns Thawed. This food from Deli and full of flavor. You deserve to this delicious food with $6 save. For sure Coles has more sea foods. Prawns, salmons, fillets and peeled tail off prawns also on sale.

Fresh veg and fruits at Coles. These products just arrived in stocks for all costumers. All onions, oranges, flat mushrooms and tomatoes Australian grown. In colesfresh rayon there is more varieties for sure. This springs crop, too plenty. Because of this Coles did great discounts.

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