Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016 | 21 – 27 December 2016

From the latest Christmas range of Coles Catalogue we can see Christmas gift wraps, decor, half priced pantry, snacks and packaged food. Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016By the way few days are only left for the Boxing Day Sales or “stocktake sales” for some of the retailers name their catalogues with that expression. Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016 sales here is for the last week before Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and enjoy shopping at Coles for the best prices in this market.

Highlights of Christmas Sales at Coles Stores

Christmas sales of Coles are not limited to food. In this article we only focus on the Christmas specials by the catalogue. If you want to go futher please check out the future posts in this category. You can easily subscribe to this category and get e-mails whenever a new post is published.

In the latest Christmas sale by Coles you will see a lot of meat products. They are available heavily on pg 2-3 and pg 5. Recipe of Roast turkey with cherry BBQ sauce is also in the content of this online sale.

Meat Products of Coles

For Christmas, there is one thing important everyone cares about. That’s of course the food choice. On pg 2-5 there is a nice selection of meat, turkeys, chicken and ham variety. Take a look at the best prices on the list.

Luv A Duck fresh whole duck $10.50 kg pg 2
Coles turkey whole medium 3.8 kg $29 ea – Au Grown pg 3
Hunter Valley turkey whole medium 3.8 kg $38 pg 5

See more products on the preview page.

Deli, Bakery and Cheese As Sides and Treats

Surprise your guests with the tricks by Coles. These are specials consisting of cheese variety, sausages, croissants and like-class products you may use as side food on your table. Surely sweets have an important role in this busisness. I especially recommend pg 6 from this catalogue for such purpose.

Australian raw Black Tiger Prawns Thawed $23.00 kg – save $5 kg pg 6
Salmon Skin On Portions $24.00 kg
Raw Banana Prawns Thawed $18.00 kg – save $4 kg
Tassal sliced smoked salmon 300g $11 – save $4

Coles matured Christmas pudding 700g $7 pg 7
Coles pavlova 500g $8 – save $3.75

Nudie nothing but 100% juice $5 – save $1.59 pg 8
Tasmanian cheese 250g $8 – save $3.25 pg 9
Red Rock deli chips 3/$10 – save $3.77

Christmas Gifts and Chocolate Boxes

Find awesome gift wraps, crackers, gift tags and half price chocolate treats of Cadbury, Mars on pg 10-11. You can also check out pg 12 for flower bouquets.Christmas Gifts and Chocolate Boxes

Coles gift wrap 15 m $3
Coles novelty gift tags, or bottle bag – $2 – 20 pk
Coles Festive Crackers 10 Pack $5.00

Cadbury Favourites Tin 700g – half price – $15
Cadbury Christmas Bauble 126g $4.00
Mars Maltesers 360g $5.00 ea

Also Ferrero Rocher, Lindt chocolates are possible to find at Coles stores.

Santa’s Helper Bouquet $25 pg 12
Christmas delight bouquet $30
Christmas joy bouquet $20 ea
Star Bright Bouquet $10 ea

Snacks, Party Size Beverage and Chips

You will need lots of these products in holidays and parties. Coke, Sprite, chips, Pringles, Arnott’s, and some chocolate bars can be really helpful for you celebrating the new year. See awesome prices on pg 18-19 for these products. Lovely half prices for favourite snacks and beverage are available on pg 20-21.Snacks, Party Size Beverage and Chips 20

Cadbury Medium Bars 30g-60g – half price – $1 ea pg 20
Peckish Rice Crackers 100g $1.10 ea
Grainwaves chips 175g $1.85
Real Iced Tea Co. 1.25 L $1.90

Frantelle Spring Water 24x600mL – half price – $5.75 pg 21
Powerade sports drink – half price – $1.70
Golden Circle fruit drink 1L – half price – $1.07
Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist etc. 1.25L – half price – $1.15

There are also pantry products in half prices. Check these products consisting of sauces, olive oil and some conserved food on pg 24-25. If you like everyday prices of Coles, there are some for pantry food on pg 27.

Convenient Food Half Prices on pg 28-29:

Peters Light & Creamy 1.8 L $3.44 ea
Ice Cream Mars – 4-6pk – $3.99 ea
SFC Chicken breast tenders – $4.60
Pacific west cocktail spring rolls 1kg $5.77 pg 29

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Keep shopping at Coles and reading our posts to beware of the best sales for Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

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