Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 – 13 December 2016

Coles spared a big place for Christmas food in the latest published catalogue. Especially recipes and half prices draw attention.Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 - 13 December 2016 The best of what you usually love to take home are now specially priced with Christmas sales of Coles. Apart from that half priced snacks, classics of Coles specials, were not skipped. Favourite brands of chocolates and confectionery have been contained by the new Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 – 13 December 2016 range. This week shop for everyday prices of pantry as well. Breakfast food like cereals, frozen food and more are among the products you can find on the catalogue.

Highlighted Products of Coles Catalogue Christmas Food

Pg 1-9 are full of Christmas deals. Sweet delights and Christmas chocolate variety including Toblerone, M&M’s, Kinder, Werther’s Golden mix and Lindt on pg 8-9, seasonal fresh produce that assures a fantastic view on your table in Christmas holiday on pg 6&7, classic seafood by Coles being an excellent choice of classy food in all holidays on pg 4-5, original recipe of Gazpacho cocktail prawns by Coles on pg 4, sides-sauce and dips on pg 2 and cover page highlights.

Kettle potato chips $2.20 pg 1
Coca-cola or Sprite soft drink 2L $2.05
Bonds Baby wondersuit $11 – half price
Cadbury scorched chocolates 320g $5

Glance over the sauces and dips on pg 2. Those could be perfect match to your favourite meal. In Christmas seafood ideas by Coles will give the idea that you need. Be creative, spend less and get quality at Coles.

Seasonal Treats and Fresh Produce of Coles Catalogue

See new sweets and fresh products you might then need when preparing sweets cream pie etc. Seek for the great prices of Coles on pg 6&7 for those products.

Coles salted caramel brownie bites 9 pk 210g $4 pg 6
Coles Finest Christmas pavlova wreath 400g $15
Coles Finest Christmas fruit mince pies 6 pk 410g $6
Coles bakery gingerbread stars 12 pk $2.50

Aussie strawberries $3 pk
Coles thickened cream 600mL $2.20
Coles Bakery pavlova 500g $8

Christmas Treat Gifts

Majority of gifts are actually consisting of treats and chocolate boxes in holidays. Not just in Christmas. Half priced chocolate boxes by Coles Catalogue and top brands on pg 8-9.

Cadbury Roses Tin 620g $10 – half price – pg 8
Cadbury Christmas baubles 126g $4 – half price pg 9
Toblerone milk chocolate 360g $4.95
Kinder Maxi mix $9

Coles Half Price Deals On Snacks 7 – 13 December 2016

The coolest snacks, favourite brands ! Find chips, coke, soda packs, chocolates, candies, conserved meat, fish, pizza, cereals, coffee blinking with half prices at Coles stores. Pg 10 – 20 contains fantastic range of products from these examples.

Schweppes soft drink, mineral water or mixers 1.25L $1.15 – pg 10Coles Half Price Deals On Snacks 7 - 13 December 2016
Mars or Nestle medium bars $1 – pg 11
CC’s corn chips 175g $1.60
Ocean Spray Fruit Drink 1.5 L $2.85


Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink 10x375mL $5 – half price- pg 12
V Energy Drink 4x275mL $4.67 – half price
Golden Circle fruit juice $1.90 – half price
Maryland choc chip cookies 145g $1 – everyday price

Pringles potato chips 53g – half price – $.95

Pantry Half Prices

Always Fresh kalamata olives $2.50 – half price – pg 15
Le Espanola olive oil 500mL $4.50 – half price
SunRice basmatic rice 5kg $9 – half price
Uncle Tobys Le Snak 132g $2.25 – half price

Briefly, this catalogue has all the needs for Christmas on sale.

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