Coles Catalogue Christmas Foods 19 – 24 Dec 2018

Coles is here with a new Chrismas Catalogue again. Turkeys, smoked ham, black tiger prawns and more products are the promoted festive products on the first page. Get a 15% discount on Appstore and iTunes gift cards this week. More traditional foods, dips, cheese platters, whole chicken, apple sauce, whole duck, and roasted products are available on pg 2-5. Although this is not the first Christmas food sale of Coles, you can see a variety of new discounts on many products like these. Local foods like hummus and more in confectionery or Christmas treats category can also be found in the catalogue. 

Moreover, the recipe of Curtis Stone’s ultimate roast turkey is now readable on the Coles Catalogue. Go to pg 6 for the recipe and whole medium turkey 3.8kg priced at $38. More turkeys, seafood, cooked products are on pg 7. MasterFoods seafood cocktail or tartare sauce is an additional taste to everything and it costs only $1.90 this week. Don’t forget to sweets and desserts. Get some help from Coles supermarket which has a perfect range of Christmas sweets on pg 8-9. One more recipe is also readable on the catalogue’s pg 9. Raspberry meringue tower recipe and ingredients with Coles special prices on pg 9. The catalogue is also a decent guide for what to cook or eat for Christmas, as much as it’s a source of discounts. Coles Pavlova is one of the nice desserts and it is $6 this week. Christmas pudding is one of the most popular sweets, too. Two new products are in the category of Christmas desserts on pg 9. 

Blossoms of the season, flower bouquets are available on 21st December. Find fresh fruits and vegetables on pg 11. Check out German style potato salad on recipe site of Coles; 

Christmas bouqets: 

Coles Christmas Treats, Gift Wrapping And More

One of the elementary parts of the Christmas sales is gift wrapping and Christmas treats. The finest of the confectionery brands, popular brands and their products, special prices of Coles Catalogue, and more are in this section of the new sale. Remember that these prices are effective starting on Wednesday. Coles gift wrap of 12 metres will cost only $4 and that may handle a huge part of the business. You have great Cadbury products at half prices and chocolate boxes are available in the catalogue or in-store shelves. You have more deli and bakery products as treats and everyday prices for most Christmas products in this part. 

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