Coles Catalogue Christmas Snack Sale 6 – 12 Nov 2019

Customers can browse a new product range consisting of Christmas treats, chocolate boxes, gift sets, favourite soft drinks, and half prices. Each item is a special saving in this catalogue. You should see the first section to explore some nice Christmas snacks. Desserts and recipes are available on the Coles Christmas bakery pages. And you can also buy Christmas trees for only $60 this week. Visit pg 13 to find the tree and more decoration products. Coles Catalogue Christmas Snack is not the most original thing you can see but quite a decent deal.
Classic brands of the chocolate can be seen in the snack sale. You can buy Kettle potato chips saving $2.25 buy find more than that on the first page. Don’t run out of soda packs in summer. Take a look at the deals on pg 2 for Red Bull and Coke. Red Bull 4x250mL will cost only $5.37 and that’s a rare price.

More candies, bars, and other snacks:

If you are interested in redecorating your home for Christmas, Coles Catalogue is one of your options although it has a limited extent compared to the stores which are entirely focused on such products. I recommend department stores that publish catalogues regarding these categories.

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