Coles Catalogue Christmas Specials 11 – 17 Nov 2015

Specials week just starting but Coles discounts are always available !

Best Christmas with ColesColes Catalogue Christmas Specials 11 - 17 Nov 2015

It is approaching new year. Nowadays Coles has new great deals for you.
In this catalogue, you can reach irresistible offers about Merry Christmas. There is a lot of products on sale for christmas. As we understand, Coles preparing tasty breakfast for all costumers. Delicious Coles Bakery Stone Baked Pane Di Casa, Oliving Twiggy Sticks, Sliced Ham is ready to serve in breakfasts.
You can find discounted products in freezer. All size turkey breasts, peeled prawns sliced smoked salmons are available now. These products are fresh and super tasty. -after heat up of course-. Coles has specials for every step of dinners. The next step; Delights ! Delights are irresistible part of food. Coles know this and their new deals are available on shelves. Pies, Christmas puddings, snaps, cakes and incredible design house or mini village delight. Your child will love it absolutely. You can build a mini village or house with treat gingerbread kit. You can work together in kitchen. This product is enhances creativity of your child and teaches cooperation while having fun.
Fresh, goodly full of chocolates are on sale too. Cadbury, Mars, Lindt and Ferrero Raffaello products are 1/2 Price. Cadbury Favorites Tin’s pack is very cute, it could be a gift, also Mars has perfect Celebration Gift Box full of chocolate. Christmas Biscuits is great topic in Coles Catalogue because there is great method for bake tasty biscuits and ready to serve for dinner table nearly in 90 mins.

Coles knows, decorate and celebrate is most important subject in Christmas. Because of this, trees, lights, handmade cards, snowman and Santa designed by Coles.

Star Wars Time !Coles Catalogue Christmas Specials 11 - 17 Nov 20152

Christmas means gifts. There is great Star Wars gifts available in stocks. Cool design Sunglasses, Mugs, Money Boxes, Quilt cover sets, sleep sets and even Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber on sale ! Seems like fun of Star Wars series will fall in love these products.
Real Gentleman’s here ! Celebrating the lost art of being a Gentleman, these easy drinking wines contain a dash of fortified for a smooth and well-rounded finish. Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection Range arrived. Christmas Cheers at low prices in Coles starting from $19. Products low prices on gift packs for the festive season. Whiskeys, Liquers and Vodkas with perfect designed gift packs. Alcohol gift packs will be great and unforgettable for your friends. There is special promotion inside packs.
Prices inside post ;

Coles Bakery Stone Baked Pane Di Casa or Wholemeal Quinoa Pane Di Casa 500 g $3 PG 17
Oliving Twiggy Sticks $15 1/2 Price
Don Shaved Meats 250g or Premium Sliced Ham 200g $4
Frozen Turkeys starting from $32 PG 22
KB’s Frozen Raw Peeled Prawns 1kg $20
By George Sliced Smoked Salmon 1kg $30
Coles Fruit Mince Pie 6 Pack 360g PG 23
Coles Christmas Pudding 700g 
Crate A Treat Gingerbread Kits Gingerbread House or Mini Village 1kg $12
Cadbury Favourites Tin 700g $15 1/2 Price PG 25
Mars Celebrations Gift Box 540g $9 1/2 Price<
Coles Deck The Halls Star Tree Topper $6 PG 27
Coles Christmas Tree 183cm $15
Coles Ceramic Santa & Snowman $8
Star Wars Specials PG 28
Children’s Sunglasses $15 /  Mug $6  / Extendable Lightsaber $17 / Quilt Cover Set $25 

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