Coles Catalogue Christmas Specials 4 Nov – 10 Nov 2015

Coles has great offers for Merry Christmas.

Food Your Family  !Coles Catalogue Christmas Specials 4-10 Nov 15

Coles Chicken Schnitzel was $10.90, but now $8.50 ! This food is prep in 45min and for four serves. In Coles Catalogue you will find ingredients and special method. Also this product is healthy Australian made and approved by RSPCA. C0les Lamb Whole Leg Roast is now $8.50 in colesfresh section.

In this Coles Catalogue, Coles will give you a secret about ” how to bake a delicious Traditional Christmas Cake” with easy methods. Almost all ingredients are discounted this week. E.g Cinnamon, Mixed Spice, Nutmeg, Sugar, Flour Plain, Currants.You can bake a delicious cake for your family in this Christmas.

Christmas is coming and as we know, everybody keeps sweet treats in their kitchen. Coles products are so sweet to eat up! This week featured products are ; Cadbury Roses Boxed Chocolate, Sea Shells Selections, Candy Canes and Cream Wafers. These are only a few of the dozens of sweet treats in Coles Catalogue.

Primo Quality Bacon is ready for your beyond breakfast experience in Coles. Shout cut bacon and English leg ham is will be your indispensable flavor.

Also you can find delicious meats, vegs, pizzas, snacks and  in freezers. Especially frozen raw peeled prawns is attracts attention with $20 price.

Prices in post ;

MasterFoods Clinnamon Ground 28g 2$ PG 13
MasterFoods Mixed Spice 30g $2.20 
MasterFoods Nutmeg 30g $2.40
CSR Caster Sugar 1kg $1.90
Healthy Baker Flour Plain 1kg $2.35
Sunbeam Australian Currants 300g $3
Cadbury Roses Boxed Chocolate 450g $7.75 1/2 Price PG. 14
Guylian Sea Shells Selections Boxed Chocolate 375g $9 1/2 Price
Rİberhus Danish Butter Cookies 454g $3.50
Coles Christmas Candy Canes 12 Pack 150g $1.20
Monetta Cream Wafers 350g $3
KB’s Frozen Row Peeled Prawns 1kg $20 PG15
Coles Chicken Schnitzel $8.50 PG 20
Coles Lamb Whole Leg Roast $8.50 PG 21
Primo Short Cut Bacon $6.82 1/2 Price PG 22
Primo English Leg Ham $4

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