Coles Catalogue Cleaning Supplies 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

You can restock the cleaning supplies with the lowered prices by Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 32-33 for the main content of the discounts on cleaning supplies and consumables like Kleenex, Morning Fresh etc. They have a nice half-price deal on many products on pg 33. Coles also offers pet products such as Pedigree dog food, dentastix, Felix cat food, Whiskas cat food and more on pg 34. There is quite a good range of household products, too. Food storage products have been popular products of the weekly catalogues at the beginning of the first month. The reason for that is remaining celebration foods and decorative accessories from the new year and Christmas parties. There are still half-price deals at Coles. Visit pg 35 to see them.

Coles has personal care part in the non-food section. Restock your L’Oreal Elvive shampoo or conditioner, Blackmores fish oil or more products like dental care. Colgate Plax is only $3.25 at Coles supermarket this week. Don’t forget to see baby care products like Baby Love nappy pants priced at half the regular value. An effective facial shavee is only possible with an ultra-sharp razor. Nowadays, razors are a bit expensive if the quality is over standard. Bic produces a quality range of razors and one of them is Hybrid Flex 4 pack which costs only $7 at Coles this week.

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