Coles Catalogue Cold Power Deal 15 – 21 Apr 2020

Majority of household products in the Coles Catalogue are related to laundry care or carpet cleaning. Most people obviously expect new deals on disinfectant products, bleach, and virus-killing kind of chemicals. But keep in mind that laundry cleaning is also really important. The Coronavirus can live for a while on the textile surface. According to John Hopkins study, the virus can live 3 hours in the air and 72 hours on some surfaces like plastic, 48 hours on steel. I predict this study must depend on the laboratory conditions. You can check out the study for more information and details. So, the amount of washing your laundries is important these days. Cold Power Dual Caps laundry liquid capsules maybe your favourite product. If it is so, you can save $2.50 on that product at Coles. Also, see Fab laundry powder, and carpet cleaning products. Dishwashing and laundry chemicals of Coles Catalogue are in pg 26-27. There are also half-price deals. Coles Catalogue Cold Power and more deals:

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