Coles Catalogue Colgate Half-Price 17 – 23 Jul 2019

You should be familiar with the free mini collectibles of Little Shop 2 by Coles. Customers loved these minis and Coles launched the new ones and people have waited in lines for hours for them. Two more products from the non-food category will be purchases that can get you those limited edition complete cases. Buy Gillette Venus spa breeze razor or Olay complete defence daily UV moisturizing lotion of 75mL to win these limited cases. The deals are going to be valid starting tomorrow. Also, see Coles Catalogue Colgate half-price deal today. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush of Colgate will cost half. Visit pg 29 of the catalogue to shop them. And they are not the only dental care products on that page. You can also earn Little Shop 2 limited complete case with your Colgate purchases. Another half-price deal will be that of Macleans Extreme clean toothpaste 170g and its price will be $2.50 this week. Coles Catalogue has half-price deals on Nivea moisturizer, coconut flavoured products, and more for your skincare. Check out these deals on the catalogue:

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