Coles Catalogue Deals 1 – 7 November, 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 1 - 7 November, 2017Ferrero Rocher, Pepsi Max and more products on the cover page will be purchasable for half prices. This is a mixture of the best products on sale. Go to snacks range of Coles for the details. CC’s chips, Thins potato chips, V8 juice, Schweppes, Cadbury Favourites, Grain Waves chips, Sakata rice, and many more products will be available at Coles supermarket this week. It’s possible to save the maximum amount you can achieve. Use all the weekly catalogues to profit. Another half price range is available on pg 3. Coke will be on sale. Coca-Cola soft drink, Fanta, will be sold at lowered prices.

Save on breakfast food this week. Nutri-Grain, Special K original and Coco pops. Kids, in particular, need to have a strong breakfast before they start a day. Otherwise, they would feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Many people reportedly said this. After they started to have a good breakfast each working day, it’ll lead only to more efficient days.

Specials of Coles covered Heinz sauces. Go to pg 9 for a brief look. More half prices on pantry products this week. Rice, dressings, olive oil and more. Twinings breakfast tea will cost only $7! That’s 80 packs. Olive oil of La Espanola will be only $4.50 (1/2 prices). Catalogues already started to have Christmas products in their contents. This week at Coles, Cadbury dairy milk, Mars Celebrations, Lindt Linder, Ferrero Rocher chocolate variety will be appeared as the Christmas treat sale.See all these Christmas products on pg 13-18. Fresh produce and Aussie products on pg 19-20. Bakery and deli with a delicious selection of products will appear on the pg 21-22. Coles Specials like Beretta Matonella Prosciutto on pg 23. See frozen range of Coles with the great prices you will like.

More deli products, Spring entertaining on pg 29-30. Starting on pg 30, browse the catalogue for personal care products, household supplies and the new sales on chemicals. Coles Catalogue is possible to follow on social media.

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