Coles Catalogue Deals 1 – 7 Aug 2018 | Half Prices

Coles Little Shop is going on in the catalogues, too. John West Tuna, Chobani yoghurt, Nestle Kit Kat, Up&Go breakfast liquid are half prices on the cover page of Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 3 for Lipton ice tea, Lindt creation and more snacks or candies can be purchased at a half price. Go to pg 4 for Coke, Powerade sports drink, V8, Golden Circle, The Natural party mix, Doritos chips that will be on sale. Doritos chips and Smith’s chips will cost $5 for 2. Arnott’s TimTam, V Energy is also available discount products on pg 5. Snacks and more chocolate or candy prices are on pg 6-7. Cadbury dairy milk, Dream Oreo are new products at Coles. Go to pg 9 for more half prices:

Cobram olive oil, Old El Paso tortillas, John West canned tuna fish, Nestle Condensed milk, Campbell’s chicken real stock, Continental Pasta & sauce, Heinz Classic soup, are the pantry products from Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 Aug. SPC Baked or sphagetti, Cadbury cooking baking chips, Bega peanut butter, Bonne Maman jam on sale. Get Moccona premium mixes for only $4.50! You can get Cadbury drinking chocolate for only $4! Save $2.50 on Betty Crocker cake mix that is priced at $2.60!

More half prices:

Get your favourites at half prices at Coles Catalogue or in stores of the retailer. Nature’s Way, Lo carb and extra nutritional food products for your breakfast and lunch can be found on pg 16-17. Feed your body with quality food and protein-rich products at lower costs.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza will cost $7.60 for 370g. Visit pg 18-19 for frozen food and packaged meals. These are simple meals you can think of them as your dinner. Birds Eye deli chips, Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, Pacific West flathead fillets, On the Menu meal, Sara Lee dessert and more. Dairy is a category of products like Jalna Greek yoghurt, Dare flavoured milk, Activia, and Vaalia. Ready Chef meals are on sale at Coles stores. Save $3 on this product. Recipe of French-Style roast chicken with gravy is available on pg 24. Lamb cutlets will be $30/kg at Coles.

Visit pg 26-27 for the fresh fruits and vegetables. Strawberries, Mandarins, Australian Green kiwifruit, baby beetroot, baby broccoli bunch, brussels sprouts, soup starter, and more are available on pg 26-27.

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