Coles Catalogue Deals 12 – 18 Sep 2018

Coles Catalogue has half-price deals on the cover page. These are the deals that are mostly first things to see when a new catalogue is published. Lindt Excellence, John West tuna, Pepsi max, Handee paper towel are at half prices. Lamb loin chops are also a promoted offer and the price is only $20.70/kg. Coke, Gatorade, Kitkat, Golden Circle are soft drinks and just some of the snacks from the Footy Finals part of the catalogue. Go to pg 3 to see another extended half-price sale for snacks. It goes on with the products on pg 5-6 and pg 7. More deals are available on pg 7. Cadbury Dairy milk, Red Bull energy drink, M&M’s, TimTam are also on the snacks category.

See ½ prices on snack category:

You can spot the down down price drops on some candies and soft beverage on pg 4-5. Loacker tortina or créme noisette chocolate biscuits will cost $2 and that’s another half-price.

After a lart portion of the snack category you can see the deals on packaged food, fresh chicken and seafood, deli products, bakery and dairy. The catalogue also has a breakfast and pantry part starting on pg 16. Good deals on these weekly food items start on pg 9.

In the breakfast and coffee category, find two great half-price deals on Twinings English Breakfast tea and Vittoria Mountain grown coffee beans. Moreover, there are new discounts on Moccona, Nescafe Blend 43, L’OR Espresso Aluminium coffee, Rober Timms coffee bags and more. The rest of the food section of Coles Catalogue have the pantry products. Rice, Heinz canned meals, Moro Olive Oil, and more products are featured sales.

½ prices from the pantry and other categories:

More good deals from the Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 Sep.

More ½ prices:

In the catalogue, you may see personal care products, household items, cosmetics and more on sale. Also, you can follow our Facebook page where we share the updates about these products.

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