Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 6 – 12 December 2017

Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 6 - 12 December 2017Coles Catalogue Christmas deals are again promoted with a new extended range. You might find a great range of half prices consisting of grocery, snacks, new products and the catalogue specials. Festive food is one of the important subjects of all weekly catalogues lately. You can find one page completely with new prices of deli meat that will be valid on Wednesday. Go to pg 3 for details. Seafood ideas by Coles can be seen on pg 5. The pg 4 will offer you a recipe by Curtis Stone. Read that recipe of prawn-fennel salad. Aussie favourite fresh fruits, particularly, strawberries got promoted by the catalogue. New price and sweets for Christmas are on pg 6-7. Go to pg 8-90 for half prices Christmas chocolates.

Half price Christmas chocolates and fun packs from top brands:

More of snacks, chocolates and half prices can be seen on pg 12-13. You might find a favourite of yours on these pages. Excellent picks for Christmas gifts. Also, Powerade, Coke, Sprite and more beverage are going to be valid deals until next catalogue. A new product got promoted. McVitie’s digestives will be $2.50 at Coles. Schweppes mineral water, Lipton ice tea 1L and more beverage are on pg 15-16.

Coles special of this week is John West mussels, oysters, sardines and Mackerel that you can find on pg 17. Down Down price for Gravox gravy will be available for the whole week at the prices shown.

Pantry products at half prices:

Another recipe is for roast chicken. Read the recipe and find ingredients on the same page. Meat products with new prices are available on pg 23. Deli eat including packaged meat products, Hans Hungarian salami priced at $20 and more are offers on pg 24-25. Fresh products from the Australian farms and awesome down down prices that you can find on pg 26-27 can also be the advantages of this catalogue. Discover a lot of dairy products at the lower prices. Bega cheese blocks, Gippsland flavoured yoghurt, Oak chocolate flavoured milk and many more fine products.

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