Coles Catalogue Deals 6 – 12 September 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 6 - 12 September 2017Shop for the new deals from Coles Catalogue that contains the new price range for grocery, snacks, beverage and outstanding fresh produce. This market is a central place for every kind of need of regularity. Footy Finals snacks are promotions from the latest Coles Catalogue. Enjoy the Toyota AFL finals with the best snacks of your favourite brands. Half prices for some popular snacks are on the first page. Coke, Cadbury chocolate, Magnum ice cream. 6 products are priced at half of the regular value this week. Again half prices are on pg 2-3. Check out wide range of snacks and soft drinks on pg 2-5. Mars Medium funsize will be 2/$6, Save $5.30 with Coca-Cola 10x375mL that is only $7. Powerade sports drink, Red Rock Deli potato chips, Smith’s potato chips are on the pg 3.

1/2 prices;

Stock more beverage just in case. Red Bull, Solo, Pepsi, V Energy Drink, Gatorade and more are featured. Check out pg 5. Natural Chip Co. potato chips are also on that page. Red Bull Energy drink 4x250mL will be only $6 (save $4.20). Another good savings is Pepsi, Solo soft drinks. Save $7 with 24x375mL packs. More for AFL finals. Check out pg 7-8 of the content of down down prices and new specials that are Cadbury Dairy milk products. Cadbury Family block 180-200g will cost only $2.50! Half price for Cadbury dairy milk Freddo.

More 1/2 prices for pantry products. Olive oil included. Down Down prices are also featured.

This catalogue is full of half prices and down down deals. Go to pg 13-14 for down down prices of canned pantry products. Pasta, tuna chunks, baked beans. Also, diced tomatoes and SunRice medium grain rice are among the deals with the down down prices. Half price for SunRice medium grain rice 5kg is only $6.80. New product of Coles from this range is Suimin 2 minute ramen noodles. Shop for awesome products that are on sale.

Moccona freeze dried coffee will be on sale this week. Nescafe and other tea or coffee brands can be found on pg 17-18. Find oat products, juice, milk and honey. Go to pg 19-20 for breakfast grains. Nutri-Grain, Just Right, Sultana Bran, Cheerios, Milo, Plus are all in the pg 20. All you need for strong breakfast. Recipe of BBQ lamb burgers is readable on pg 21.

Go to pg 21 for meat sale. Lots of lowered prices. Spring Lamb is on sale. Pay $11 for kg of spring lamb. Fresh products including Aussie Kensington Pride mangoes, and more products are featured deals. Shop for cheese variety and yoghurt. Vaalia, Dairy Farmers, Gippsland yoghurt are on sale. Farmhouse gold yoghurt will cost only $5!

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