Coles Catalogue Deals 14 – 20 Jun 2023

You can get 10% off selected Coles Mastercard gift cards at Coles stores this week. The details of that 10% discount can be seen on pg 3. Save 10% off including the activation fee when you scan your Flybuys. The latest catalogue advertises deals like this. Nestlé Block chocolate, Campbell’s Country ladle or chunky soup, and more items will be half-price deals. Throughout this catalogue, you will find more half-price deals. I am sure you will like the ones from snacks and confectionery. The half-price sale contains candies, snacks, well-being products, and household supplies. See these offers in Coles Catalogue Deals 14 – 20 Jun:

Coles Catalogue Deals 14 - 20 Jun 2023

  • ½ price KitKat, Campbell’s Country Ladle, Bulla Multipacks 8-14 pack, Dynamo Professional laundry liquid
  • 10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards
  • ½ price Colgate Advanced tartar & Whitening or Max Fresh Coolmint toothpaste, Finish Ultimate Pro dishwashing tablets, and more
  • ½ price Life Savers, kinder chocolate, Pringles chips, Grain Waves, Cadbury fingers, Cadbury favourites, Robert Timms, Nescafé blend, and more products
  • ½ price Cenovis wellness products
  • ½ price household supplies: Finish ultimate plus, dishwasher cleaner, Vanish Gold Pro Stain Remover, Botanica by Airwick Scented Candle, Fluffy Fabric Softener, and more offers

Game-Day Snacks – Coles Catalogue Deals 14 – 20 Jun

Here is the fun part of this catalogue. You can buy your favourite drinks and snacks at lower prices. Coles Catalogue 14 – 20 Jun 2023 has new deals and new products. Here are some of the new ones including exclusive items.

  • Powerade Sports Drink or Active Water 600mL $2.40 pg 10
  • Bubly Sparkling Water 8x375mL $9.90
  • Cadbury Block Chocolate 160g-190g 2 for $8
  • Gumi Yum Surprise 21g $2.40
  • Kirks Soft Drink 1.25 Litre $1.75 pg 13
  • Kirks Soft Drink 10x375mL $7.80
  • Cadbury Special Treats Chocolate Sharepack | 180g $3.50
  • Doritos Corn Chips Supreme Cheese Share Pack | 170g $3.35

Grocery – Coles Catalogue Deals 14 – 20 Jun

Fat Blaster weight loss shake and more products are half-price items in the grocery – pantry section. You have olive oil, simmer sauce, basmatic rice, and more items at half their regular prices.

  • DJ&A Vegetable Crisps 45g-90g $3
  • Continental Sensations Soup 2 Serve 40g-70g $1.75
  • Campbell’s Real Stock 1 Litre $2.25
  • Patak’s Simmer Sauce 450g $2.75
  • Maharajah’s Choice Basmati Rice 5kg $11.50

One of the great deals is of Green’s products for baking. If you like to bake cake you might wanna try these products at 40% off. Another half-price sale is for two items. Twinings Tea Bags, Queen Victoria Tea Bags are both half-price deals.

  • Mr Kipling Fancies or Bakewell Tarts 205g-250g $3.25 pg 27
  • Tip Top English Muffins 6 Pack $3
  • Flora ProActiv 250g $2.85
  • Birds Eye Oven Bake Fish Fillets 425g $5.25
  • Ben & Jerry’s 436mL-458mL $7.25
  • KB’s Squid Chips or Fish Bites 1kg $13.75

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