Coles Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 March 2017

Snacks and bevearge on pg 1 – 7 are generally what you love to see on Coles Catalogues. Coles Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 March 2017Find chips, coke, chocolate, candies, down down prices and more products on this range of products. On pg 2-3 Pepsi Max, Golden Circle tropical punch, Lindt Lindor and more products are viewable. Mother Energy drink (4x500mL) is only $5.47 which is half priced. And the brands mentioned are all half priced products at Coles. Favorite candies and products like Doritos or Smith’s chips are also found on pg 4-5.

Half prices on cover page;

Half prices on pg 2-3:

Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft Drink 10x375mL $5 ea pg 3
Fantastic rice crackers 100g $.97
Golden Circle tetra fruit drink 1L $1.07
Pepsi, Sunkist or Solo or mountain dew soft drink 1.25L $1.10

This catalogue can offer you a wide range of pantry products. Moro olive oil, Gold Choice canola, vegetable or sunflower oil are among the deals you can find on pg 8-9. Campbell’s, Continental and more brands of packaged food, quick food products are available at Coles this week. Half prices are also featured on these products. These deals are profitable items which are easy to find. I am sure all you are in lack of time everyday. If you are looking for casual solutions alternative to cooking check out Coles canned food sales.

Half prices on pg 6;

Gatorade sports drink 1L $2
Starbust medium bag 104g-180g $1.40
Mars pods 160g $2.12
Smith’s duos crinkle potato chips 150g $1.65

Coles Pantry, Meat, Bakery, Deli

Down down prices and “every day” prices of beverage and snacks are featured on pg 7. Kellogg’s and Nescafe are two great items on pg 12, and gluten free products can be found with half prices on pg 13. Find pasta, brown rice chips, gluten free pasta are available on pg 13.Coles Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 March 2017 2

Half prices on pg 8-9 and everyday prices;

Moro Extra virgin olive oil 500mL $5
Gold Choice canola, vegetable or sunflower oil $9

Always fresh kalamata olive-pitted $2.50 pg 9
MasterFoods squeezy sauce 500mL $1.42
Patak’s simmer sauce $2.42

Campbell’s country ladle /
Chunky soup 495g-505g /
Manu soup 395g-405g $1.64

Patak’s simmer sauce 500g $2.42
Alfa one rice bran oil 3L $9 ea – everyday price

Fresh avocados, recipe of chicken caesar salad and other fresh produce deals of Coles are available on pg 14. Turkey mince, lamb cutlets, whole chicken and more products are featured.

Everyday prices of Coles bakery rolls, bread and new Simson’s Pantry are available on pg 16. You can find Hot Cross buns, Coles scones are unique products of this week. Don’t miss out latest Coles and Woolworths catalogues. Deli food including primo frankfurt and Danish salami, which can be seen on pg 18, are fairly priced. You can get Coles yogurt for only $3.60 and family hot roast chicken for $8 with every day price deal on pg 19.

Every Day Prices on pg 19:

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