Coles Catalogue Deals 18 – 24 October 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 18 - 24 October 2017Coles Catalogue half prices for cherry ripe, flake, Snickers, Bulla creamy classics, and Coke. Shop the best products at Coles supermarkets. If you need to restock your candies and snacks, particularly for Halloween, then you can see pg 3-4. Halloween candies, costumes and accessories are going to be on pg 5-6. Frantelle Spring water 24x600mL, Mother Energy drink 4x500mL, Schweppes, Cadbury cookies, are available on pg 7-8. Down Down price for Praise dressing; French, Italian, Balsamic, Thousand Bland Coleslaw and more on pg 12.

Continental Leggo’s squeeze, Dolmio extra pasta sauce, Moro El primero and many more pantry products are featured on pg 11. Sirena Tuna will cost only $2 ea. Its 425g can will be $5. Save 6 on Nescafé Blend 43 500g. Moccona freeze dried coffee and more coffee varieties are available on pg 13.

Half prices for more products on pg 14. Heinz Beanz, MasterFoods Aussie Grown tomato squeezy sauce are among the available products of Coles in the catalogue.

You should see breakfast food on pg 15-16. Lo Carb, So Good Almond milk, Nutri-Grain, Crunchy Nut, Coco Pops, grains and nutritional protein source. The best for breakfasting. Don’t miss these awesome pricing by Coles Catalogue preview.

Coles fruit in syrup cups 4 pack (500g) will cost $2.30 or 2 for $4. That is equal to $4 per kg. Golden Crumpet rounds, bakery custard tarts, sandwich thins are on sale. Find deli meat on pg 17-18. Save more on delicious food with Coles Catalogues. Seafood is also there. Shop fresh produce from Australia’s fields. Halloween pumpkin is going to be promoted this week. Carving pumpkin will be sold at $2.90 and mini jack pumpkin is 2 for $4. Australian Calypso mangoes for $3. Don’t miss out 100% Aussie grass fed beef on pg 19.

1/2 prices:

Good prices on quick foods and frozen products:

More savings, groceries, snacks and beverage in the catalogue preview. Make your shopping list with the assistance of Coles Catalogue, win more by savings.

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