Coles Catalogue Deals 19 – 25 April 2017

Back to School deals are featured on the catalogue. Celebrate Anzac day with Aussie products. Coles Catalogue Deals 19 - 25 April 20174 pages of school food are browsable on the catalogue. Spring water, yoghurt, Arnott’s biscuits, crispbread and more of favourite snacks are featured on pg 6-9. Coles Catalogue keeps going with half prices this week. Powerade sports drink and more products viewable on cover page 1/2 prices. Mars, M&M’s, Red Bull and more like Solo soft drinks are featured among the snack sale of this catalogue. New flavour of Lindt is at Coles. Lindt Excellence dark chocolates with high cocoa percentage as one of specials from the catalogue can be seen on pg 4.

Excellent combination of chips, soft drinks and juice variety are available on pg 5. Berri Juice, Lipton Ice Tea, Red Rock Deli chips are featured. New flavour of those chips will be on sale. Give it a try this week ! Back To School sale of Coles has half prices for quick food products like Nice And Natural bars.

Half prices;

After you are exhausted because of a long hours of working, you will find it really difficult to cook something. Here comes the help of quick food products. Not all of them are high quality and delicious for sure. Coles Catalogue Deals 19 - 25 April 2017 3Heinz Sphagetti, soup variety, John West canned fish products and other similar products are generally what people seek out in catalogues like this. This supermarket prepared a good sale consisting of half prices of canned and packaged convenient food.

Half Prices;

If you are enthusiastic too cook something good there are pantry and kits to make wonders at home. Check out pg 12-13 for some good sauces and Soft taco kit that are all on sale. Lavazza, Moccona, Nescafe coffee are on sale and they are viewable on the pg 13 of the latest catalogue. Online sales are always cheaper than the regular in-store products. You should always be in touch with the internet deals of stores like this in order to save more.

New selection of fresh products and meat of the catalogue can be viewed on pg 14-15. Apples, grapes, and more are on sale. Try seasonal meat products that are either imported or produced in Australia. Down Down price of Lilydale Free range chicken breast fillets would be a good choice both for delight and saving.

Chocolate coming from inside of an vanilla ice cream with a warm welcome spreading over your tongue. Crispy feel of chicken tenders and unforgettable flavour of what you love of McCain beer better chips. Coles Catalogue Deals 19 - 25 April 2017 7Don’t miss out half prices by Coles for these products on pg 18.

Peters Maxibon has that classic outer chocolate layer of the ice cream. Crispy but not disturbing, crunchy but not so hard, and soft inside. It’s a romantic but crazy enough to make your soul do something different. Only $5 at Coles. Dazzling food range of Coles will make you get them in your home. Half price of Kraft Singles cheese slices is only $3.22 ! Shop for dairy products, packaged cheese and more on pg 21-22. For instant updates of these deals and weekly catalogues you can follow on social media.

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