Coles Catalogue Deals 21 – 27 Jun 2023

Coles offers free Masterchef Cookware when you spend $20 in one transaction. You can save half on your basic grocery shopping cost. Coles offers olive oil, Cadbury block chocolate, Arnott’s Tim Tam, Omo Laundry Liquid, and more products at half prices. It doesn’t only offer snacks or food. Check out the home supplies at half prices to double your entire shopping budget. Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid is only $4.75. 5x Flybuys points on your shop when you spend $20 on fresh fruit & veg and scan your flybuys. Shop fresh produce like mandarins, orange, tomatoes, capsicums, and more in this week’s catalogue.

Coles Catalogue Deals 21 - 27 Jun 2023

  • ½ price Cadbury Block Chocolate, Arnott’s Tim Tam or Wagon Wheel Biscuits, and more
  • ½ price Oral Pro 100 Cross Action or Gum care electric toothbrush, Morning Fresh Dishwashing liquid
  • ½ price Real Foods Corn Thins, The Natural Confectionery Co., Violet Crumble, CC’s Corn Chips, Poppin Microwave Popcorn, Ferrero Raffaello, Lindt Cornet, and more
  • 5x Flybuys points – spend $20 or more on fresh fruit & veg and scan your flybuys

Fresh Produce, Snacks, Grocery – Coles Catalogue Deals 21 – 27 Jun

Half prices and lower prices of fresh products are also available in this catalogue. Undoubtedly one of the most important categories in the catalogue will enable you to save significantly on the overall cost of food. Get your ingredients, game day snacks from this part of the catalogue.

  • ½ price Golden Crumpet Rounds, Mr Kipling Cakes
  • Coles Fresh Tasmanian Salmon Portions skin on $29/kg
  • ½ price Arnott’s Tim Tam or Wagon Wheel Biscuits, Arnott’s Mint Slice, TeeVee biscuits, V Energy Drink, Majans Buja-Mix pg 12-13
  • ½ price Europe or Toblerone Bar, Nestlé Medium Bar
  • ½ price Arnott’s Wagon Wheel, Tim Tam, Mint Slice and more
  • Bonus Cookware credits for purchasing Uncle Tobys Rolled oats quick sachets, Heinz Beanz or Spaghetti
  • ½ price Vege Chips, Kellogg’s Nutri Grain, Nescafé Coffee Sachets 6-10 pack $3.80
  • ½ price Twinings Tea Bags 80 – 100 pack

Buy ingredients of popular recipes in this catalogue. Canned goods, rice, sauce variety, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, and more will be on sale. Check out Coles Catalogue Deals 21 – 27 Jun:

  • ½ price Heinz Classic Soup, Sunrice Jasmine Rice
  • ½ price Wild Tides Tuna, Continental Cup a Soup 2 serve, Aunt Betty’s Pudding, Patak’s Curry Paste
  • ½ price Peters Original Twin Pole, KB’s Salt and Pepper Squid, Family Faves Chicken tenders or chips
  • ½ price Chobani Fit Yogurt, Chobani Fit Yogurt Pouch

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