Coles Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 November 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 November 2017Coles Catalogue comes up with new ideas of Christmas products and a wide range of half prices again. Browse the snacks and beverages on the first 9 pages. New Christmas prices of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Down Down values for Lindt Lindor limited edition and Ferrero Rocher, half prices chocolate boxes and a recipe for Christmas sweet. Find the sweetest things on earth on pg 14. Christmas pudding variety by Coles is a rare thing you can find in the online catalogues recently. Party food like deli and bakery products on pg 15-16. Frozen turkey buffet, frozen chicken roast and more delicious food will be available on the same page. Seafood offers included salmon skin off portions, smoked cod thawed, John West fresh salmon with lemon & herb crust, and more products on sale. Visit pg 17-18 for deli meat and seafood.

Coles really nailed the Christmas sales with awesome products. You may find table decoration with Christmas theme. Cookie stamp, paper dinner plates, Christmas novelty, crackers and more items will be on sale at awesome prices.

Half prices for snacks on this catalogue:

You will find breakfast food and coffee on pg 7-8. Nescafe Gold, Vittoria Mountain Grown Coffee beans, Nestle Milo are available products in stocks for new sale by Coles. Take a look at the pg 8 for pantry products at half prices.

Fresh cut meat, more of the deli products and Mexican Beef & bean burger priced at $6/pk. are going to be on sale on pg 21-22. Aussie White or Yellow nectarines will cost only $4.50 this week. Fresh produce range is being exhibited on pg 23. Down Down deals for bread variety like “bakery block loaf”, bakery rolls, Tip Top Café raisin toast and more can be found this week.

1/2 prices from the pantry :

Two products from Christmas chocolate sale are half priced. Lindt Lindor limited edition and Lindt Lindto chocolate gift box. You can see them on pg 12. Don’t miss out Cadbury favourites and other chocolates of Cadbury Dairy milk.

Down down prices for dairy products and packaged cheese variety. See these products on pg 27-28.

Palmolive Naturals shampoo or conditioner will cost half the regular price this week. Also see, down down prices for more personal care items in the rest of the Coles Catalogue. Subscribe for more deals, follow on social media and spot the best prices that suit your budget.

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