Coles Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 March 2017

Coles offers a lot of grocery products for half and everyday prices. View this catalogue for almost all needs of weekly shopping. Coles Catalogue Deals 22 - 28 March 2017Confectionery, candies, chocolates, biscuits, chips, beverage with the top deals are featured on pg 1-7. On cover page 4 items are half prices. Smith’s chips and other products will be profits out of this shopping. Bargains on pg 2-3 are generally chocolate products. Stock up some of your favourites in case you need them as treats in Easter celebration. New flavour of Real Iced tea is 2/$5 this week. Another new product is of Fanta. Check out pg 6 for Fanta Wonder Jelly fizz or sour tingle. One of the Coles specials of this week is Sirena Tuna. It’s only $3 each and recipe of Sirena Tuna Melt can be read on pg 8.

Half prices on pg 1,3 for snacks and drinks :


Edgell corn kernels, Uncle Tobys plus, with half prices, are available at Coles. Find pantry on pg 10-11. It contains Moccona coffee, canned foods like beans, and some nutritional or convenient food. Old El Paso Burrito kit is only 2/$10 ! Vegemite 380g is $5 which will save your $1 ! And half prices of some products are also available on pg 10-11. Get more quality breakfast food for less prices. Pay only $5 for Kellogg’s multi-grain and Special K. See everyday prices of corn flakes of Kellogg’s and Coles finest pure Canadian marple syrup.

Half prices of snacks:

Half prices of some pantry and conserved food:

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