Coles Catalogue Deals 23 – 29 May 2018


Browse all the deals on Coles Catalogue 23 – 29 May preview. Coles has a variety of types in deals and most will be in favour of your budget spared for weekly shopping. At first sight, half-price deals on snacks, beverage and breakfast products draw attention. Details of each deal which are available in the content of preview, the lists of the posts that can lead to more savings, and more are waiting for customers who like to save from the expenses.
Food is something you must be able to get the best prices. With that said, we should e aware of what strategy Coles Catalogue can develop in the savings. TimTam, KitKat, Kleenex and Luv-A-Duck frozen duck are going to be available at half prices. Visit the first page of the catalogue, make more savings with those ½ prices.

Restock your needs for breakfast. Including Twinings English breakfast tea, Nestle Milo, Moccona freeze-dried coffee and more products that can meet your needs with simplicity and low prices, there is a nice product range on pg 8. Moreover, half-price deals on pantry products are possible attractions as well. View the list of half-price deals from the category of the pantry.

John West canned salmon, sardines, Heinz and more quick food ideas are possible to find on pg 11. Recipe of Mexican beef mince and products of fiesta food. Old El Paso fajita kit, taco seasoning, water pitcher, chopping board, red onions and more products are featured items in the Mexican category. Also, breakfast nutrition is on Coles Catalogue. Your favourite cereals from Kellogg’s; just right, crunchy nut, froot loops and more are available on pg 15.

Coles Specials are Primo meat products like salami and sausage variety. Visit pg 18 to discover all these offers. In the everyday sales, you can explore more like-class items. All these will be important shopping items in this week. For example, Dare flavoured milk is a good deal. Pay only $3.10 for 750mL bottle. Another special deal is that of nudie juice of 2L bottle. That will cost only $5.50 which is $1.09 less than the previous price.

½ prices from frozen aisle:

For more products at half prices and special Coles Catalogue offers, please check out the preview. Follow our Facebook page to get similar deals and future catalogues.

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