Coles Catalogue Deals 23 – 29 August 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 23 - 29 August 2017This there is a lot of half priced products again. Down down prices for packaged seafood products are available on pg 2. Check out snacks like chips of Pringles, Kettle popcorn, Mother Energy drink priced at half of the regular values. GrainWaves chips 210g will cost $1 less this week. Cocobella coconut water, Twisties and Sakata rice crackers are also on sale. Down down value for Coles natural spring water. You can get similar sort of products on pg 5-6. Don’t miss out new price of Cadbury family block! A special deal by Coles is Schweppes mineral water 1.1L that will be only $1 (half price). Oreo choc coated biscuits and The Natural confectionery Co. Family Bag, Pascali or sour patch are featured half price products as well. This week you can shop for all these products for the prices shown on the catalogue.

These are only half price products on pg 1-3. Shop for more snacks and beverage on pg 6-7. They have half price deals for pantry products including Basmati Rice, Continental soup, Vegeta Stock powder and more like these on pg 10. More down down values, this time for the pantry, that is viewable on pg 12. Try to make lasagne, with the ingredients you can find on pg 11. A lot of delicious food that is on sale on pg 11-15. Check out half prices on pg 10;

Down Down Deals for amazing food products that you love to have in your pantry;

Coles Catalogue Deals 23 - 29 August 2017 2Lovely food products including Campbell’s chunky soups, Kellogg’s nutritional breakfast corn flakes. Sweets, salty quick food, LeSnak, tomato sauce for your pizza or meals are all the awesome food products you should see. All day working and no time left for cooking, then you need these packaged quick foods. Also, see coffee variety, and more cereal food, grain products on pg 15-16. Get Mayver’s peanut butter smooth for $4 (375g), Bonne Maman Jam, Nice and Natural nut bars and more products.

Check out cool frozen food deals by Coles on pg 17-18. You might find ice cream, Birds Eye Li’L fishies hoki, SFC take home boneless bucket and many more products. McCain super fries will cost only $3. Oven bake of Birds Eye is also another good deal. Shop for Streets Cornetto 4 pk. There are 4 products at half prices ;

Try new flavour of Magnum double hazelnut. Magnum Classic Ice cream tub is a good one as well. Fresh produce including jazz apples, Aussie strawberries, Australia leek and more products are featured. View the best deals of fresh produce and packaged food on pg 19-20. See seafood deals on pg 21. Coles offers basa fillets at half price. Pay only $5.50 per kg. Down Down price of Coles family hot roast chicken is $8 for this week. More of down down prices are possible to spot on pg 22. Bakery shelf of the catalogue is full of “down down” prices;

Dairy products are on sale. Coles deals on milk, cheese variety, packaged meat are available on pg 25-26. One of the top deals is that of Primo bacon twin pack. Its price is only $5 for the whole week. Get Coles pizza (470g) that is priced at $5! Western Star spreadable is $1.30 less than previous price of it. Shop for hommus dip, Swiss cheese, Bega cheese block and more products from daiy range of Coles supermarket.

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