Coles Catalogue Deals 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2023

Double your budget with half-price deals from the latest Coles Catalogue. You can often find these half prices in the catalogue but there is no guarantee that you will find your favourite item among them. Half-price deals from Coles Catalogue Deals 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2023 might be the most important offers you should beware of. These easy deals will make this week’s grocery expenses cheaper and you will find a lot of essentials in them. Not only food items but also personal care products like shampoo, moisturising lotions, and more deals are available in the half-price category.

Coles Catalogue Deals 26 Jul - 1 Aug 2023

  • ½ price Cadbury Old Gold Block, Fairy Platinum Plus dishwashing tablets, John West Tuna, Red Rock Deli potato chips
  • ½ price snacks: Cherry Ripe, Connoisseur, Jordan’s Granola
  • ½ price personal care: Nivea deodorant, shower cream, Colgate toothpaste, Tresemmé Shampoo, Cetaphil, Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Lotion
  • ½ price Cadbury Cake Bars or rolls, Tip Top English Muffins

Snacks and Beverage – Coles Catalogue Deals 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2023

Buy your favourite biscuits, popcorn, sour patch and more snacks at half prices this week. Coles offers potato chips, coffee beans, multipack crackers, peanut butter, and more products.

  • 2 for $6 Arnott’s Tim Tam, Royals, Chocolate Teddy Bear, Wagon Wheel, Chocolate Scotch Finger
  • ½ price Skittles, Cadbury Favourites, McVitie’s Digestives Tops Biscuits, Cobs Popcorn
  • ½ price Real Foods Corn Thins, Natural Chip Co Potato Chips
  • ½ price Nestlé Milo, Jed’s Coffee Beans 1 kg

Pantry – Grocery – Coles Catalogue Deals 26 Jul –  1 Aug 2023

Seek great deals on cereals, and breakfast products in the pantry and grocery section of Coles Catalogue. Great deals are waiting for you. Easy meals, tea bags, breakfast drinks are gonna be either on sale or half-price deals.

  • ½ price Coles BOM liquid breakfast, Sunsol Muesli, Street Kitchen Asian Kit, Continental Sensations
  • ½ price Queen Victoria Tea Bags
  • ½ price Campbell’s Real Stock, Maharajah’s Basmati Rice, Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gold Sunset Canola or Vegetable oil

Also, there are deals on dairy products like yoghurt and ice cream tubs. Danone YoPro 4 pack will cost half. So many deals like that can be seen in the new catalogue. Find supplements, Libra products, mouthwash, bulky products, and more in this catalogue.

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